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Gwynn (NPC).png
Original Name Dwyn
Alignment Royal Army
Race Human
Occupation Soldier in the Royal Army
Location Mercenary Outpost, Colhen

Royal Army Base, Rocheste

A soldier of the Royal Army. A soldier in every sense of the word. She is disciplined, cautious, and dutiful. She was sent to Colhen to suppress the Fomor threat. Because of the prolonged conflict with the Fomors, she has returned to Rocheste to aid the Royal Army. She is a subordinate of Keaghan's.

Gwynn was dispatched to Colhen by the Rocheste Garrison of the Royal Army in order to investigate the Fomors. Gwynn is cold and aloof, but also strong and capable. She is the epitome of Royal Army excellence.

She is extremely strict but is very loyal to the Royal Army. She used to be Keaghan's assistant until she was dispatched to Colhen.

The disobedience of the mercenary "rookie" (the player character) frequently bothers Gwynn, such as when the player enters Ainle and the Prairie Entrance despite the Royal Army ordering mercenaries not to enter.

During the course of Chapter 6, the "rookie" manages to rise quickly in the ranks, to the point where Gwynn is assigned to work under them. Gwynn takes this as an insult, but tries not to let that interfere with her duties to the army. Chapter 6.5 explores this relationship even more.

Spoiler: (Episode 8) After the defeat of Glas Ghaibhleann, her, Keaghan, and the Royal Army Captain exit the Catacombs. The group spots Riordan and his Royal Army Troops (while Gwynn and the Captain lay low behind boulders). After Riordan labels Keaghan a traitor, he gives the order for his soldiers to fire. However, Gwynn immediately rushes to Keaghan's side and pushes him out of the way, sacrificing her life for her old officer.

Never regret your decisions.
~ 'Gwynn'

Additional Information[]

Chitchat Quotes[]

  • "I serve as a proud member of the Royal Army, Rocheste Garrison."
  • "Soldiers in the Royal Army have been dispatched throughout the land. I patrol the towns around Rocheste."
  • "To join the Royal Army, you must complete the missions you're assigned. Only the best get in."
  • "If you wish to join the Royal Army, impress me. My word could determine whether you get into the Royal Army."
  • "Being part of the Royal Army isn't glamorous. Death hangs over every mission. People see the shiny armor and think it's all pomp. It's not. It's gritty, it's strenuous, and it's very, very ugly."
  • "Royal Army missions may include unearthing conspiracies, eradicating threats to the kingdom, even getting the head of a Fomor leader. Tuck that information away for future reference."
  • "Captain Aodhan's mentioned you. Says you have potential. We'll see."
  • "Captain Aodhan used to be in the Royal Army, but left after an...incident. (Gwynn studies your confused expression.) If he hasn't told you about it, neither will I."
  • "Keaghan is from Colhen. He's a mentor, of sorts. He's also a leader with remarkable charisma."
  • "I hear Keaghan grew up in Colhen. It's quite...nice."
  • "To join the Royal Army, you must be capable of completing any mission. Missions may including unearthing conspiracies, eradicating threats to the kingdom, and so on. In other words, only the best get in."
  • "The only way to become a member of the Royal Army is to train hard. We are the first ones on the battlefield, and the last ones to come back. It isn't a glamourous job. We are closer to death than anyone else."
  • "Sure, many people just see the shining armor we wear and yearn to become a Royal Knight. But being a Royal Knight... Although it is rewarding, it isn’t glamorous."
  • "The Royal Army is strategically placed throughout the kingdom. Soldiers can be dispatched to places in need of protection. We can also recruit more soldiers. Just tell me what you'd like done, and I'll get it done."
  • "Remember the role of a soldier. We fight not to protect ourselves, but for what is right. Your every action represents our entire army."
  • "You may be a captain now, but you're still under the command of Keaghan and Riordan. Treat them with the courtesy due their rank."
  • "Although I am reinstated to Rocheste, that doesn't mean that I am excluded from operations here. Don't be so surprised to see me."
  • "What brings you to Colhen? You're a soldier now, but do you still miss Colhen? Remember that there are men who rely on you, <Delia>."
  • "You're not a mercenary anymore. You might miss your merc days, I know. But don't you ever forget that you're now a member of the Royal Army."

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