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Guild Campfire Kit.png
Guild Campfire Kit
Adventurer Kit Sell Price 100 Gold (Icon).png
Restriction (Icon).png
Rank Campfire F and above.
Its hotter than ordinary Campfire kits, giving off more warmth.
You will receive enhanced benefits and repair equipment faster.
You must be in a level 10 guild to use.
Can Be Traded (Icon).png
Can use all forms of trade

How to Obtain[]

Purchased from

for 1,000 Gold

Purchased from

for 7 Seal of Dedication.png


  • As said in the item description, character must be in a level 10 guild to use.
  • When it is lit, a message will appear, advertising for the user's guild.
  • At Rank A, this campfire kit will restore 25 HP per 3 sec (as long as you are sitting), increase ATT/M.ATT by 300, and restore 61 armour durability points every 2 sec.