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Goldsmithing is the skill that allows the crafting of staves for Evie, focuses for Arisha, bows and cross guns for Kai, as well as various earrings, belts, rings and spell books. This skill is taught by Jarlath at the Magician's Guild in Rocheste.

Goldsmithing can be practiced across from the Market Board in Rocheste, or in front of the Traveler's Shop in Colhen.

To advance to the higher Goldsmithing ranks, the player has to buy following quests from Jarlath, when reaching a certain proficiency level:

At proficiency level 99: Test: Goldsmithing Apprentice

At proficiency level 199: Test: Goldsmithing Journeyman

Completing those quests will automatically increase the proficiency level by one (i.e. from level 99 to level 100). Goldsmithing proficiency goes up to a maximum of 350.


Dismantling is a sub skill of Goldsmithing. Goldsmiths are able to dismantle any item type of their expertise (Staffs, Bows, Rings, Earrings, Belts, Spell Books) into special materials. As long as the item type falls under Goldsmithing's craft-able item types it can be dismantled even if the item can't normally be crafted, like certain spell books. Items at an NPC sale price of 0 gold cannot be dismantled.

Dismantled items are destroyed and always grant one item. There are three tiers of dismantling, according to the item's level: 0-47, 48-55, 56-60. 0-47 gives one Element Stone Catalyst. 48-55 gives one Average Spirit Water. 56-60 gives one Spirit Water

Maximum proficiency of dismantling is 150. Dismantled items have a chance of granting 1 proficiency point. Each tier requires 50 proficiency more than the last: 0, 50, 100.

Element Stones[]

Element Stones is a sub skill of Goldsmithing that relies on the items created through Dismantling. With Element Stones, it is possible to create items required to Power Infuse equipment which adds a single bonus stat (can be positive or negative). The bonus can be overwritten by attempting Power Infusion again.

In order to create an Element Stone Item used for level 60-70 gear, Dismantled items are required from the other Expertise: Armorsmithing, Tailoring and Weaponsmithing. Power Infusion can be done on level 60 and under gear with just one Expertise.

Beginner Goldsmithing (0-99)[]

Apprentice Goldsmithing (100-199)[]

Journeyman Goldsmithing (200-299)[]

"Season 2 Update" Goldsmithing (300-350)[]

Goldsmithing 300-350 is automatically obtained by learning Journeyman Goldsmithing.

Professional Goldsmithing (350-399)[]

Goldsmithing is learned by purchasing Advancement Test: Pro Goldsmithing from Jarlath.