Godly Iron Ore
Sell Price 0 Gold (Icon).png
This heavenly iron ore has a higher level of purity than Exquisite Iron Ores.
Can be obtained in dungeons or during mining.
Can use all forms of trade

How to Obtain

Crafted by Brakis or Ferghus after the battle quest Rocheste by Sea

Fee: 3,000 Gold (Icon).png
Exquisite Iron Ore.png   Exquisite Iron Ore x 3
Spirit Remnant.png   Spirit Remnant x 2
Fire Spirit Remnant.png   Fire Spirit Remnant x 2
Terra Spirit Remnant.png   Terra Spirit Remnant x 2
Ice Spirit Remnant.png   Ice Spirit Remnant x 2
Life Spirit Remnant.png   Life Spirit Remnant x 2

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