Gilliam (NPC).png
Original Name Gillespie
Alignment Pontiff's Court
Race Human
Occupation Priest
Location Cathedral, Rocheste

Gilliam is the bishop of the Rocheste Cathedral.

He seems to have devoted himself to the Pontiff and always acts in accordance with the Pontiff’s will. He is also an excellent alchemist and summoner.

Being a very meticulous person, Gilliam enjoys using obscure words when he speaks. He becomes overly hotheaded to reprimand other people when they aren’t paying attention to teachings and etiquette.

Despite his position of the bishop, he seems to be hiding something.

Learn some discipline. This place
was not created for your idle chatter.
~ 'Gilliam'


Additional Information

Chitchat Quotes

  • You make enough noise for the entire regiment.
    And yet, you never seem to say anything important.
    Learn some discipline. This place was not created for your idle chatter.
  • Whatever the Pontiff's Court declares as truth is the truth we must accept. Do not question it.
  • Do it right. Just do it the way you're supposed to.
    What is it so hard to find people that know what they're doing these days?
  • Laurys was there for a long time. Far too long...
  • Alchemy is a very complicated and technical magic. I despise people who assume it is something simple.
  • I advise against wandering these halls. Surely you've heard about cats and curiosity...
    It's no less dangerous for people like you.
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