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Gertrude (NPC).png
Original Name Gertrude
Alignment Fomor, Silent Knights
Race Gremlin
Occupation Guard of two sisters
Location General Store, Berbhe

Gertrude can be found in the General Store. At the town berbhe. She protect two sisters Roma and Rema. She also protect Divine Priest (Lechaud).

Additional Information[]

Chitchat Quotes[]

  • Lograch and I have quite a history together... I-I'm sorry. I need some time to think.
  • (It doesn't look like sha wants to get into it right now.)
  • I don't know if I trust you just yet. Just make sure your oracle knows to stay out of my way.
  • Lograch wouldn't have died if I was a goblin or orge... What a shame
  • I must protect the Divine Priest. On the day of reckoning, our Savior will come free us of our pain.
  • Thde Divine Priest? You might want to talk to Lechaud...
  • I have a duty to uphold. He may be a human, but he's still the Divine Priest.

Gertrude (NPC).png