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Gallagher (NPC).png
Original Name Gerens
Alignment Crimson Blade Mercenaries
Race Human
Occupation Crimson Blade Mercenary Veteran
Location Mercenary Outpost, Colhen

Gallagher is a Crimson Blade mercenary that is usually found at the Mercenary Outpost in Colhen. His crude and blunt style of speech often causes problems. His big mouth makes him untrustworthy, but it also makes him a reliable source of information.

Gallagher is an opportunistic, arrogant, crude, womanizing beast of a man who never misses a chance to objectify a woman or belittle a comrade. Just about everyone is irritated by his behavior but Gallagher gets away with it because he’s also a beast on the battlefield. Despite his behavior in town, he always watches his comrades’ backs in a fight.

He has a very bad habit of always withholding crucial parts of information. When you give him the information that is worth a coin, he will hide it while nobody’s looking or won’t mention it anywhere. There were many cases when mercenaries wouldn’t receive the most critical piece of information.

He is the one to introduce players to fishing, and sells the Fishing Tickets required to get on the fishing boats.

He seems to be doing shady business with Nyle and is probably affiliated with the Silent Brotherhood.

If I had money, I'd have hot girls crawling all over me.
~ 'Gallagher'


Services Offered[]


Additional Information[]

Chitchat Quotes[]

  • "If I had money, I'd have hot girls crawling all over me. Damn, who told me mercs make a lot of money?"
  • "Got any spare gold? I know this amazing place, but I need money to get in. Spot me the dough and I'll show you."
  • "You know how Tieve seems like a prude? She ain't. She's dating some soldier in the Royal Army."
  • "C'mon, you can slack off when Marrec's not around. No one cares how hard you work when you're alone."
  • "(Gallagher makes a face.) Kirstie. So masculine. Women should be soft, feminine. Maybe she wishes she were a man..."
  • "On my next day off, I'm going to the temple to spy on our little oracle. See what she does when no one's watching."
  • "(Gallagher grins.) That ditz, what's her face? Clodagh? She's so dense I bet I could sweet talk her into anything. Haven't had the chance yet, but I will. Oh, how I will."
  • "That dame at the General Store who claims to be from the city? I hear she's married. Her hubby's a merchant in Ainle or Elvan or some other town. I knew she wasn't really from the city..."
  • "I'll let you in on a secret. I think Captain Aodhan's wife and two daughters were killed by Fomors. That's why he acts all possessed on the battlefield."
  • "I think the Fomors attacked Ainle. Don't think there were many survivors, either. After they finished ravaging the town, the Fomors took off. Who knows where they went?"
  • "Tieve's the only girl worth pursuing in this little town. She acts all pure, but what's she really like? (Gallagher licks his lips.) Maybe she's a sly fox? Or a playful bunny... Betcha I can get her to reveal sides of herself she never knew existed!"
  • An the one quote players will hear most & grow to hate is "What, I cant hear you?"


  • He is a member of the Silent Brotherhood along with Nyle. However, Nyle doesn't trust him.