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Nyle (Battle Icon).png
I've been watching you... Curious about Ainle, are you? I wonder, are you a friend or an enemy? In time, the truth shall make itself known.
~ Nyle on Friend or Foe
Battle given by: Nyle
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Bonus Mission
Battle Points Gained Mission Requirement Gold Gained
10 Obtain White Vampire Robe 700 Gold (Icon).png
10 Obtain Vampire Essence 800 Gold (Icon).png
20 Defeat 5 vampires with objects (P) 1,000 Gold (Icon).png
20 Equipment destroyed < 5 times 900 Gold (Icon).png
Oath of Honor
Battle Points Gained Mission Requirement EXP Gained
25 Win while playing solo 5,600 Experience (Icon).png
20 Win without feathers 4,200 Experience (Icon).png
15 Win within 7 min 3,600 Experience (Icon).png
Friend or Foe
Location Ainle
Prerequisites Wake Up Call

(At least 100 BP)

Leads to Ulchas's Relic

(At least 100 BP)
Being from the Other World
(At least 100 BP)

Mission Defeat The Ashen

(35 BP given)

Time limit 60 minutes
Battle limit No Limits
Minimum level 25
Recommended 30
Mid boss(es) ???
End Boss(es) The Ashen
Evil Cores Max: 4
Min: 3
Ability Points (AP) Max: 25 Ability Point (Icon).png
Min: 10 Ability Point (Icon).png
Rewards 2,300 Gold (Icon).png
8,600 Experience (Icon).png


Area 1 Path 2 has an ore deposit and an erg pot in a secret area in the NE corner of the map. On the South edge of this outdoor area, an erg pot can be seen through a broken door. To access this area, destroy the fence, barrels and cart in the alcove at the North West corner of this outdoor area. At the back (West) edge of this alcove, enter the narrow gap, then travel North, then West, then South.