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Fountain is an NPC that is located between the Cathedral and the gate of Rocheste Castle, next to the Piper. It gives a random fortune to the player once per day for 1 piece gold. Some of the fortunes may do something in the game but most will be unconfirmed until further testing. The random dialogue could be either good or bad fortune.

Fountain dialogue:

  • 1. You feel something good might happen to you today.
  • 2. You feel like you should watch what you say today.
  • 3. You feel like drinking warm tea with a piece of sweet cake would make you feel better.
  • 4. You feel like wearing orange clothes will bring you luck today.
  • 5. You feel like you should go out today.
  • 6. You feel like you shouldn't go out today.
  • 7. You feel like today will be more tiring than other days.
  • 8. You feel like your wishes will come true.
  • 9. You feel like it's a good day for iron and ore work.
  • 10. You feel like you should be careful about what you say today.
  • 11. You feel like introducing your friends to others will bring you new friends.
  • 12. You feel like you would look good in any type of clothes today.
  • 13. You feel like you need to be more attentive to avoid getting hurt today.
  • 14. You feel like you can find a good item today.
  • 15. You feel like if you are kind to people around you, you will get some unexpected help.
  • 16. You feel like today is a good day to make an investment in something.
  • 17. You feel like you need to be extra careful when throwing things today
  • 18. You feel like good things might happen if you help someone who is lost.
  • 19. You feel like you're going to get hurt if you're overconfident.
  • 20. You feel like unexpected luck will find you if you smile at other people.
  • 21. You feel like you will get what you deserve.
  • 22. You feel like you will get a little extra today. Resets daily AP dungeons
  • 23. You feel like you shouldn't flatter yourself too much.
  • 24. You might be able to receive an unexpected gift today.
  • 25. You should be careful not to fight with someone you love.
  • 26. You feel like you'll find something good if you stay close to water today. Lower chance of getting sick fish and useless treasure while fishing. Still testing!
  • 27. You feel like you'll meet someone important if you go east.
  • 28. You feel like something good might happen if you go north today.
  • 29. You feel like 5 and 7 are your lucky numbers.
  • 30. You feel like you'll have trouble digesting food if you don't chew well and eat slowly.
  • 31. You feel like something unexpected may happen.
  • 32. You feel like some unresolved issues will get resolved today.
  • 33. You feel like you might run into someone unexpectedly.