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Enchant Scroll.png
Force Enchant Scroll
Rank 9 Suffix Enchant Sell Price 500 Gold (Icon).png
Restriction (Icon).png For Cloth Armor and Light Armor
This Enchant Scroll infuses magical power into your equipment.
Take this scroll to Brynn to unleash its potential.

ForceSuffix 9 Rank

  • Balance +2
  • ATT +140
  • M. ATT +132
  • DEF -28

Can Be Traded (Icon).png This item can be traded.

How to Obtain[]

Drop Locations


Success Chance: 25-50%
Destruction Chance: 30%

  • Expires after 7 days
  • Can be currently placed on the Marketplace, if the the time before it expires is longer then 1 day.
  • Can destroy item if it fails