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Flovian (NPC).png
Original Name Flovian
Alignment Unknown
Race Spirit
Occupation Incineration
Location Colhen

Flovian is a small spirit, created by Brynn during experiments about artifical life. Flovian ran away from Brynn and now lives next to the campfire at the Colhen docks. He likes to show off his magic skills by helping the player with Incineration.

As soon as I'm done studying this town, I'm gonna go

become the greatest magician that ever lived.

~ 'Flovian'

Additional Information[]

  • Before starting the mission Small Accident and trying to approach Flovian, his response is "!!!" (You saw someone for a second, but they disappeared.)"

Chitchat Quotes[]

  • "I'm researchig some magic that will be a game changer. What kind of magic is it? Heehee, that's a secret."
  • "Sometimes I get red-faced when I'm concentrating on something. Do you do that?"
  • "I know someone who tells really bad jokes. Not like me. I'm a natural. But I don't want to joke around right now!"
  • "Make sure to keep me a secret, okay? I don't want anyone else to know I'm here. Don't be gabby, okay?!"
  • "If I use too much magic, I overheat and my head gets all fuzzy. It gets better, but I don't always remember. But then somebody always comes by to say thanks afterwards. I wonder why that is..."
  • "My house is nice, but it gets a little damp when it rains. But my fireplace dries it up pretty fast. How am I living in such a small place? ...That's a secret!"
  • "When I sit by the fireplace, it reminds me of home. Do you ever feel that way <Lann>?"
  • "I used to live in a place that was too small, so that's why I ran away. I mean, that's why I moved here."
  • "You see steam coming off me? A-are you sure? How could a p-person be steaming!"
  • "If I just research every day, my head is going to explode. So come and play with me!"

Alternative Images[]

Flovian Sweating