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Finnec (NPC).png
Original Name Failinis
Alignment Royal Kingdom
Race Human
Occupation Constable
Location Constable's Office, Malina

Malina's resident officer of the law.
Malina is too small to keep him very busy, but that doesn't stop him from keeping a close eye on the malcontents.
Once a high-ranking officer in the Royal Army, he was sent to Malina and demoted to the rank of constable as punishment for slighting a senior officer.

Finnec is a nobleman, and is disgusted to be forced to remain in Malina instead of in the army. He refers to Malina as a "sweltering pit of depravity". In his office he keeps Lazkum, who is a blue lizardman, prisoner. He is awaiting orders on what to do with him.

~ 'Finnec'

Additional Information[]

Chitchat Quotes[]

  • "Do you have a crime to report?"
  • "Get to the point."
  • "Stop pestering me."
  • "Malina is not terrible, for a sweltering pit of depravity."
  • "When my father gave me the name of a nobleman, he did not intend for me to waste my years in a pit. I will return to my former glory one day, when true justice is served."