Fine Spear
Secondary Weapon Sell Price 90 Gold (Icon).png
For levels 30 and above.
Rank Secondary Weapon Prof. E and above.
Secondary weapon. A wooden stick with a sharp blade at the end. It causes 40% more damage than normal spears and has a 10% increased chance to knock down enemies.
Crafted by Kirstie.
Can use all forms of trade

How to Obtain

Purchased from

in stacks of 7 for 15 Seal of Dedication.png

Crafted by Kirstie after the battle quest Dead End Street

Fee: 400 Gold (Icon).png
for stack of 2 Spear.png   Spear x 2
Wood Plank.png   Wood Plank x 2
Metal Solvent.png   Metal Solvent x 2

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