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Note: This page contains content only found in the EU version of Vindictus. Some or all of this page's content may be unavailable in the NA version of Vindictus.

For the page about the NA version, see Exquisite Scarlet Witch Set.

Exquisite Scarlet Witch Set
Set Bonus
  • 2: INT +2, DEF +13
  • 3: INT +5, DEF +26
  • 4: INT +8, DEF +40
  • 5: INT +11, DEF +55
Total Set Effects
DEF +553, INT +121
Full Set Restrictions
Level: 10
Rank: -
Weight: Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{". stones
Class: Evie


Exquisite Scarlet Witch Set (View 1).png
Exquisite Scarlet Witch Set (View 2).png
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