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Laghodessa Slayer Set Req. Level: 44
Gallagher (NPC).png Nyle (NPC).png
Starts with Gallagher Ends with Nyle
Steps to Completing:
1. Buy the Story: Exquisite Laghodessa Slayer Set from Aislinn at the General Store for {{#show: Story: Exquisite Laghodessa Slayer Set|?cost}} Gold
» Right click the scroll in your inventory to activate it.
2. Talk to Gallagher at the Mercenary Outpost.
3. Talk to Nyle at the Magic Laboratory.
4. Craft a piece of the Exquisite Laghodessa Slayer Set.
5. Talk to Nyle at the Magic Laboratory.
6. Collect all of the Exquisite Laghodessa Slayer Set and talk to Nyle.
Chest (Icon).pngReward 0 Gold (Icon).png 46,800 Experience (Icon).png 0 Ability Point (Icon).png
Title (Icon).png   Title

Story Dialogue
Gallagher says he has some vital information you should know. Talk to him.
Gallagher (NPC Icon).png Gallagher

Don't you think it's a waste to make all that
equipment only to sell it?

So, I got something for you to chew on. You care to know?

It'll just cost you...a lot of gold!

The player must give Gallagher some gold for the information. (info needed: how does the player choose how much gold to give him?)

(If the player decides not to pay Gallagher:)
Gallagher (NPC Icon).png Gallagher

So ungrateful. Look, what I told you was a basic tip.
It wasn't even scratching the depths of what I know.

But if you want more where that came from, I'll
need to see some pretty coin. Ha!

(Talking to Gallagher after deciding not to pay him:)
Gallagher (NPC Icon).png Gallagher

So? What'd you decide, rookie?

The player is given another chance to pay for the information.

(After paying Gallagher for the information:)
Gallagher (NPC Icon).png Gallagher

(He chuckles like a fool.)
Oh, all right. Don't cry. I'll just tell you.

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Delivered 1 gold
Gallagher (NPC Icon).png Gallagher

Listen, Nyle can turn a regular piece of equipment into a better quality item.

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You discovered the title: Upgraded.
Gallagher (NPC Icon).png Gallagher

Pretty neat, huh?

(You tell him you already knew that.)

What? Oh please! Consider yourself lucky to be getting tips from me.

Go to Nyle and learn about a new set of equipment.
Nyle (NPC Icon).png Nyle

Gallagher must be running his mouth again. Sounds
like he's talking about the Laghodessa Slayer Set, though.

I'll craft it for you, if you'd like. This is an enhanced
version of the Spider Lord set, so collect that set first.

Go ahead and make one piece of the Laghodessa Slayer
set and I'll tell you more about it.

Make at least one piece of the Laghodessa Slayer set and show Nyle.
Nyle (NPC Icon).png Nyle

Have you tried to craft a piece of the set?
You should know how to make the set now.

Go ahead and make the rest of the set.

If you do, I will give you a gift.

Collect the Laghodessa Slayer set and show Nyle.
Nyle (NPC Icon).png Nyle

Ah, you're back.

Well done. You've collected the entire set. As promised, here's your gift.

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Reward: 1 gold
Nyle (NPC Icon).png Nyle

I don't usually involve myself in such affairs,
but I wanted to teach Gallagher a lesson.

This is exactly what you paid him for the story.
Don't ask me how I got it out of him...

Try not to get suckered by him in the future.

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You received the title: Upgraded.