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|skill=Plate Armor Proficiency
|skill=Plate Armor Proficiency

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Black Hammer Mail.png
Black Hammer Mail
Plate Armor, Chest Sell Price: 16,450 Gold (Icon).png
117.6 stones

Defense +781
Strength +105
Agility +40
Willpower +10
Critical Resistance +12

Restriction (Icon).png For levels 61 and above. Rank Plate Armor Proficiency 9 or above.

A piece of equipment that appears refined, yet ominous. You can tell it has been infused with some dark energy. However, this gear keeps the wearer calm during even the fiercest battles.

Can Be Traded (Icon).png This item can be traded.
How to Obtain

Crafted by Brakis or Ferghus after completing Rescue.

Material (Icon).png Materials
Gold Coin.png  Fee: 68,500 Gold (Icon).png
Exquisite Black Hammer Mail (Lann 1).png
Exquisite Black Hammer Mail (Lann 2).png
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