Not much is known about Evie’s past. While it seems clear that she’s from the East, this evasive young woman tends to smile and deftly dodge any questions about her history. An elegant enigma, Evie chooses to express herself entirely in combat. She is a magic user who can wield a staff or later on in the game, a battle scythe. She can use elemental magic spells as well as control gravity.

Wielding a staff, she summons golems, revives allies, and uses ancient magic to perform devastating attacks. While her cloth and light armor prevent her from handling enemies up close, it would be difficult to call such a masterful magician anything but a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

She has a different health/defense system. Unlike Fiona and Lann, instead of taking damage directly from her health points (HP), Evie has a magic shield from which it is removed from first. Although she is weaker in terms of health and strength than any of the other characters Evie still plays an important role in a group with her high-powered spells and her ability to conjure golems from the scenery.

Evie that uses staves is capable of releasing two main attack skills: Magical Arrows and Fire Arrows from beginning to Level 20.

Originally, magical arrows can only aim at one direction, but after completing the Level A-9 quest, players can cast magical arrows to three directions with stronger power. Currently, advanced Fire Arrows haven't been released yet, the Level A is the best.

Owning tremendously destructive power, Evie is considered as a strong DPS dealer.

Normally, Evie's Level A Fire Arrows can deal 1500 damage upon a group. Only Fiona has a skill to deal more damage at present.

Evie has a five-layer magical shield. In most cases, the magical shield will be reduced by one layer when small monsters of the same level attack Evie, but it will recover after 30 seconds without consuming any MP and HP. Nevertheless, the magical shield will be destroyed by many bosses that are below Level 20, but Evie won't lose any HP or become stiff. Her chanting won't be interrupted, either. Therefore, Evie may resist attacks with this skill and shoot fire arrows at the same time.

Evie also acts as an indispensable healer in a group. In addition to three revival feathers, Evie has revival skills.

Meanwhile, Evie pays a price for her high DPS. Her clothing has very weak defense and will be broken up once being touched. Her dodge skill is not so good as Lethita's Slide skill and Fiona's Roll skill. Evie can only move a short distance in one leap.

Consequently, controlling Evie to defend and dodge is a technical job.

Evie is an excellent healer with mighty instantaneous attack power and the smallest but the most useful backpack. Additionally, Evie is the only class requiring a cooldown.