They wait. Because the Legend is truth. It must be, for it is all they have.
~ Erinn, The Land Of Paradise

Erinn is described as the land of paradise. Supposedly all who go there never age, and never fall ill. According to the prophecy, when all of the Fomorians are gone, the black-winged goddess Morrighan will allow the people entry into Erinn, guided by a prophesied oracle.

However, Elchulus revealed that the Albey and Heide are actually Erinn; when time ceases to flow, pain, sadness, and hunger will not exist.

You have freed me, the Guardian of Time, and I have given you a land where time is frozen. I have given you Erinn. The end of pain and sorrow; is this not what your people desire?
~ Elchulus on Timeless Rage
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