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Environmental Smash, also called the ES Move, is an additional high-quality movement, which allows the player to use elements of the battle environment to deal deadly blows to enemies (mobs only). It requires the use of the "grab" command, activated by pressing [E], when a player stands face to face with the enemy.

Note that not all of the monsters are grabbable - usually the player is able to grab enemies that are similar in size as his character (e.g. Gnoll Rangers, Kobold Archers, Goblin Officers). The Player's stamina will start depleting while holding his opponent and will only stop when the Player performs a ES Move or by releasing the enemy by pressing [Shift] (dodge button). It is also possible to drag the enemy across the area to structures that can be used to perform ES Moves. Lann, Fiona, Karok, and Vella can perform ES Moves. Evie and Kai cannot perform them, though Kai can still get the ES Move titles by killing enemies with Active: Chain Link. If the Player runs out of stamina the opponent will be automatically released.

Types of the Environmental Smashes[]

There are eight moves that can be performed (mouse mode instructions are given):

Punch – doesn’t require any specific environmental elements; the character deals a strong punch to the mob’s face up to two times and then kicks the mob away; press [E] to grab and click LMB x3.
Spine Break –doesn’t require any specific environmental elements; the character picks up an enemy and breaks his spine on the knee; press [E] to grab and click RMB.
Throw - doesn't require any specific environmental elements; the character picks up an enemy and throws it; press [E] to grab then press [E] again.
Wall Crush – requires a solid environmental element (wall, column, ice stalagmite, etc.); character pins the enemy down to the structure and crushes it with the left side of his body; press [E] to grab, then, while standing near the structure (with your back against the wall), click RMB .
Wall Slide – requires the corner of a flat wall, without any cornices, triglyphs, niches, etc. to the left; character grabs the neck of the enemy and slides it along the wall; press [E] to grab, then, while standing near the corner of the structure click RMB.
Throw (object) – requires at least one grabbable object (barrel, crate, log, etc.); the character throws the enemy into a group of objects; press [E] to grab, then, while standing near the group of objects click RMB.
Kick – requires at least one other mob in the area of effect; character kicks the back of the grabbed enemy and pushes him onto others, killing them all; press [E] to grab, then, while standing next to a group of enemies, click RMB.
Edge Kick – requires a suitably enough platform to perform; the character kicks the enemy in the back throwing him into the precipice; press [E] to grab, then, while standing on the edge of the platform, click RMB.

If not using mouse mode, use the following legend:

  • [E]=Grab
  • LMB=Normal Attack
  • RMB=Smash Attack

Note: Wall Crush, Wall Slide, Throw (object), and Edge Kick grant invincibility for the duration of the attack and restore HP to all party members equivalent to 7% of their maximum HP upon a successful kill.

Titles related to Environmental Smash[]

List of Grabbable Mobs[]

Season 1[]

Wood Man Kobold Fallen Goblin Officer Sewer Ratman Lizardman Warrior
Gnoll Kobold Archer Goblin Servant Gremlin Lizardman Assassin
Gnoll Warrior Kobold Warrior Goblin Petty Officer Troll Lizardman Shaman
Gnoll Sentinel Ice Kobold Goblin Spearman Troll Hunter Windgun Kobold
Veteran Gnoll Kobold Bomber Goblin Gunner Yeti
Gnoll Ranger Kobold Guardian Goblin Cannoneer Frost Stone Yeti
Gnoll Scout Lancer Kobold Goblin Witch Doctor Jagged Horn Yeti

Notice: Mobs with the prefixes (e.g. Burning, Stoneskin, Poisonous) are not grabbable.

Season 2[]