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Enchant Scrolls[ | ]

Enchant Scrolls are items that are used to give armor, weapons and accessories added stat bonuses and even status effects which will help the player in battles. Enchant Scrolls are given a rank from F-4, as a general rule, the more desirable an enchant scrolls effect, and the higher its rank, the more difficult it is to find, this can be displayed by the dropping of lower ranked enchant scrolls in normal and hard difficulty modes, and the much lower drop rate of rank 9 enchants even in hero mode. Enchant scrolls may be for a specific item type, or a range of types. Enchant Scrolls expire after 7 days.

Effects of Enchant Scrolls[ | ]

Every scroll is defined as either a prefix or a suffix. An item can only have one prefix and one suffix at a time. When an enchantment is successful, a new box will appear in the item description listing the enchantment name and effect, and the item's name will have changed to reflect the enchantment(s) upon the item.

Enchantment Process[ | ]

To enchant an item with an Enchant Scroll, the player will need to visit Brynn in the Magic Laboratory and give him both the scroll and item to enchant.

Brynns[ | ]

Once both an enchant and item are selected, players can add up to five Elixirs in order to increase the chance of a successful enchantment. A Magic Elixir of Life adds 1-5 Brynns (units of magic), a Magic Elixir adds 1-10 Brynns, and a Blessed Magic Elixir adds 1-50 Brynns. The ideal number of Brynns for enchantment is 100; but, should a player add more than 100 Brynns the enchant rate will decrease dramatically. If the enchantment process is canceled after adding elixirs, the item and scroll will be returned, but added elixirs will not be.

Failure[ | ]

Should your enchant fail, different things can happen to your item, depending on the rank of the scroll used. The failure of any scroll rank A and below will, most likely, result in a loss of durability. Failing any scroll rank 9 and above has the same chance for durability reduction, along with a chance to destroy your item entirely (30% for rank 9 and 40% for rank 8). Unlike in Enhancement, no items are returned to you upon the destruction of your item.

Items destroyed this way can be restored at a cost.

Replacing an Enchant[ | ]

If an item already has a prefix or suffix attached, you can overwrite the enchant by simply attempting another enchant. You will lose the previous prefix/suffix on the item if the new enchant succeeds. If the enchant fails, the same failure consequences apply.

Enchantment Runes[ | ]

Enchantment Runes can protect the equipment you are attempting to enchant from penalties and even the enchantment scroll itself from consumption.

  • Enchant Runes will protect your equipment from any penalties from enchantment failure. Enchantment failure will destroy the enchantment rune and turn it into a Enchant Rune Fragment.
  • Premium Enchant Runes will protect your equipment and enchant scroll form any penalties from enchantment failure. Even if the enchantment fails you will still receive an Enchant Scroll Scrap. Enchantment failure will destroy the premium enchantment rune and turn it into a Premium Enchant Rune Fragment.
    • 3 Premium Enchant Rune Fragments can be combined to create another Enchant Rune.
  • Exquisite Enchant Runes will ensure your enchantment has a 100% success rate. The rune is consumed upon enchantment.