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Emma (NPC).png
Original Name Emma
Alignment Malina
Race Human
Occupation Merchant
Location General Store, Malina

Owner of the Malina General Store.
She once spent her days scouring the world for treasure alongside Shayla, but she returned to her hometown to run the General Store.

Emma is a merchant for the town of Malina. She used to travel with her friend Shayla, until the two split to settle down in Colhen and Malina. Emma is jealous of Shayla's chest, referring to her as "Miss Cleavage." As a merchant, Emma is eager to make money, and offers two types of shop inventory as well as equipment crafting.

Welcome to the best, and only, General Store in Malina!
~ 'Emma'

Services Offered[]

Additional Information[]

Chitchat Quotes[]

  • "Oh, hello there!"
  • "Hello there!"
  • "Is there something you need?"
  • "Business here is booming most of the time, thanks to the Coffer Chasers. Not sure who I'll have to swindle if they ever give up treasure hunting."
  • "Hey, Shayla sent you to our town, didn't she? How's miss cleavage doing these days? (Emma laughs as you explain how Shayla got stuck in Colhen.) One minute, we're sweeping through the capital; the next we're a couple of money-grubbing merchants. Sounds like both of us had to find a place to settle down."
  • "This town is full of good people. Nobody tries to stick their nose in your business or heck your revenue streams... Just the kind of peace and quiet a smart businesswoman like myself needs."
  • "Just hand over those materials and that nice pouch of gold. I'll take care of the crafting."
  • "Find anything?"
  • "Take your time! I'll be waiting right here for you."