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Ellis (NPC).png
Original Name Alice
Alignment Royal Army
Race Human
Occupation Cadet in the Royal Academy
Location Mercenary Outpost, Colhen
I know I don't deserve it but, for some reason,
they made me a cadet leader. Now I must do
everything I can to live up to that rank!
~ 'Ellis'

Ellis is a cadet in the Royal Academy training to be a soldier in the Royal Army. Can usually be found in the Mercenary Outpost. An idealistic young man, full of passion. He loves puppies and says that his original dream was to become a writer. He arrived in Colhen with his commander, Gwynn. Ellis is eager and idealistic. He has an unspoiled admiration for any heroic deed accomplished in the battle against the Fomors.

He has a crush on Tieve but because of his shyness he keeps it for himself.

Warning: Upon completing the Quest Broken Wand, Ellis will disappear permanently. It is strongly advised to complete all quests related to Ellis before performing the Broken Wand. Fomorian Technology can still be completed after delivering all of Ellis's notes which can be obtained by following the main storyline.

Spoiler: (Episode 3) While trying to investigate Ainle, in Wake Up Call, Ellis is brutally murdered by Information Chief Kalis. After the incident, Gwynn mourns his death.
The Royal Army gave Ellis permission to scout the town. Episode 8 reveals the Royal Army's treachery, implying that they sent Ellis to his own death to prevent him from finding out the truth hidden in Ainle.

Spoiler: (Fare Thee Well) After his death, a note states that Gwynn was the one who killed him. The content of the note states "There is only one person responsible for Ellis's death: Gwynn. That's right. It's my fault. I killed him." Reilly also says that it was Gwynn's fault for obeying the Royal Army.
After much investigation, a trilogy diary of Ellis says that he was told to never regret his decisions.
This sidestory never reveals who wrote the note. It can be speculated that it was Gwynn who wrote the note as a confessional, as she had shown a lot of guilt for Ellis's death. She also probably did not mean for anyone to find it.

Additional Information[]

Chitchat Quotes[]

  • "I know I don't deserve it but, for some reason, they made me a cadet leader. Now I must do everything I can to live up to that rank!"
  • "(Ellis seems to be arguing with himself.) Get a grip, Ellis! She's the oracle! And such a pretty one... No, no. It's impossible. You have your duties, Ellis. And she has hers. Plus, she's way too good for you... (Ellis sighs and writes something in his diary, never noticing you.)"
  • "I admire Gwynn. She has excellent judgement."
  • "Keaghan's from Colhen, right? I hope to be just like him. Every cadet knows of and respects Keaghan."
  • "Do you know the name of that puppy outside the Inn? He belongs to the oracle, right? Can you ask her his name? (Ellis turns red when you say he should do it himself.) Oh no, I'm too nerv-- I mean, I'm too busy!"
  • "I keep a diary, which I write in every night. Before I joined the Royal Army, I wanted to be a writer."