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For the Bow, see Elchulus (Weapon)
For the 16 player RAR, see Ancient Elchulus

Elchulus (Enemy).png
Type Dragon
Location Heide
(Boss of Timeless Rage)
Alignment Aggressive
Season Season 1


Hard Mode

Level: 66 Exp: 2,418 HP by Group Size - 1: 1,500,000 2: 1,500,0003: 1,500,000 4: 1,500,000
Att: 9,218 Def: 9,606 Crit: 64 Res: 54 CritDmg: 150%    

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Regular Drops[]

Materials Equipment Etc.
Hard Mode Divine Fomor Claw, Divine Fomor Hide, Divine Fomor Onyx Scales, Divine Fomor Teardrop, Divine Fomor Wing Chance Enchant Scroll, Divine Punishment Enchant Scroll, Tutelary Enchant Scroll
Break Offs Divine Fomor Horn, Divine Fomor Spine, Divine Fomor Tail

Quest-Only Drops[]

Break Off Tips[]

Battle Skills & Attacks[]

  • Flies up for a few seconds and slams down on targeted players.
  • Slams it's tail, then swings it side to side.
  • Flies around the area in a figure-eight style and shoots targeted flames at certain players. This attack is when players can shoot Elchulus down with ballista.
  • Flies directly over one half of the map before returning to fly over the other half of the map. During each pass, Elchulus breathes a large stream of fire that cannot be blocked, but can be dodged with invincibility frames.
  • Shoots black projectiles at multiple players that does minimal damage, but gives the Cursed Flame de-buff which reduces HP by 78 per second. This debuff remains until it is removed by water or death.
  • While it is flying around the area, Elchulus will fly below the map and reappear on a rock ledge in one corner of the map. After a delay, Elchulus will release black projectiles at ALL players on the map, and will cause Cursed Flame de-buff on hit.
  • Breathes fires towards one side of it's body. Can breathe fire on either side, but only one side per attack.
  • Slams down with it's front legs while shooting a stream of fire forward. (Will spam this move when near death)
  • Rears up a bit and either swipes forward with it's left claw, or charges forward headfirst twice.

Tips & Advice[]

  • Unlike Ancient Elchulus, all flame attacks will give the player a damage over time debuff.

Additional Notes[]

  • This boss is EXACTLY the same as Ancient Elchulus, the only difference is that it has 4 break offs (horns, spine (right and left front legs), and tail) instead of 6.
  • There is a HUGE difference in appearance between Elchulus and Ancient Elchulus. Elchulus has black scales and the spikes on his legs curve upward while the Ancient Elchulus curves downward. His horn is curved forward while the other is curved back, also the spikes on his wings are longer than the Ancient Elchulus. He shoots blue flames while the other shoot red flame.
  • When health is low, his blue fireballs and flames become orange with no debuff.
  • In one corner of the map, a glowing waterfall flows with three re-spawning buckets at the bottom. These buckets must be carried to one of four ditches that hold up to three bucketfuls of water.
    • The only way to remove the Cursed Flame de-buff is by using the water in the corners of the map, but only when they are places in one of the four ditches. Using the ditches removes one bucketful of water from the ditch, which must be refilled when it runs out of water.
  • There are eight Ballista on the map that can be used to break off various parts of Elchulus's body.
  • There are four shelters on the map that protect anyone inside from Elchulus' attacks.
    • These shelters give all players inside the buff Battle Focus, increasing attack power, attack speed, and SP restoration buff, but only when the shelter is fully repaired.
    • These shelters can be destroyed by Elchulus' attacks and must be repaired fully before they can be used again.
      • To repair them, one must head over to the broken wall and execute the enlisted action. (Having more people doing it causes faster repair.)
        • When many people tries to enter the shelter it will overflow and won't give the buffs and protection to everyone. Each shelter has a limit of 10.
  • When Elchulus flies in his figure-eight style, hitting him three times quickly with the ballista can knock him down for an extremely long period of time, however you must shoot him far away from the side he's flying into.
  • When Elchulus is standing still for an extended period of time and looking behind himself, chances are he is ready to either swing his tail or breath fire to one side.
  • After using the AOE attack from the rock perch, it is possible to hit Elchulus with a ballista as he flies towards the opposite corner of the map, near the water pools. Use one of the ballista near the AOE perch/water pools and aim it near the tree on the opposite corner of the map. Fire as he's about midway through the map. If Elchulus is hit, he will immediately go into the figure-eight mode to be shot down. If he is shot down, the next time he flies will be the same bombing mode, ready to be shot down again.
  • Elchulus has one normal attack: the single swipe of his claw. He does it fairly often, allowing Fiona to exploit it effectively with a small shield. Block it with a perfect guard (assuming Rank 9 or higher Guard) followed by using two normal attacks into the fourth smash. Using Counterattack is not recommended unless you know that you will not be able to hit Elchulus with a smash due to positioning since Counterattack does not deal as much damage as smashes and Elchulus does not get knocked down by normal means.
  • When shot with the ballista while flying, Elchulus will immediately stop, turn around, and make an overhead pass to perform his figure-eight motion, giving the chance to down him.
    • The best way to do this is to shoot him right after he takes off.
    • Exceptions:
      • When he performs his overhead pass to flame half the battlefield.
      • When he roosts on the rock. His attack pattern can be changed if shot after he departs.
      • When he is attempting or already performing the figure-eight motion.
      • When he flies back to land.
  • The black projectiles cannot be blocked.

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