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Eira is the 14th playable character of Vindictus. Released on April 30 2019. She is the younger sister of Arisha.

A gunner who can bend space itself to her will. She stalks the battlefield with her Mana Revolvers, seeking her lost older sister. Her power to open portals allows her to attack and evade from anywhere on the battlefield.

Role[ | ]

Damage, damage, and more damage. Eira's skills have a brutal combination of long range, wide AoE and high damage as well as an excellent set of evasive techniques. She could be surrounded 360 degrees by 50 enemies and it wouldn't matter; her Bullet Ccombo can quickly drop entire squadrons of enemies.

On top of this, her active skills can hit very hard at long range. Active: Infinity Shot is one particularly good choice for very long range forward damage (though being hit by an enemy will stagger her and cut it short, so only try it on very far away or stunned enemies) and Active: Quantium Ruin is even more deadly, raining down extreme damage on the enemy while being completely protected from all attacks while it is getting set up.

Her standard attacks are not as long-ranged or sniping-capable as those of Kai, but Eira is far more effective against squads of enemies and evasion. Her Portal Leap by itself is a profoundly effective evasion move that has her pass clean through any enemy attack unharmed, and can then chain into several powerful smash attacks.

She does also have an MP bar, but her skills that use MP are not high damage ones so her MP should be considered more of a "tactical" resource.

Standard Attack Combos[ | ]

NORMAL COMBO: Normal-Normal-Normal-Normal

A decent range forward combo with lighter damage output by itself with a narrow column AoE.

LAUNCH COMBO: Normal-Smash = Normal-Mana Launcher

Shorter range but it can launch lighter enemies up into the air, allowing for further juggles.

BULLET COMBO: Normal-Normal-Smash-Smash-Smash = Normal-Normal-Bullet Rain-Bullet Storm-Bullet Hail

An absolutely vicious combo, and one of Eira's shining trademarks. Each of the three Bullet moves has her whirling around firing rapidly several times. Despite appearances each of the three moves isn't quite a 360 degree effect, more of roughly a 180 degree forward cone, but she can switch direction after each of the first two stages so the entire combo put together can most certainly hit a long 360 degree area, and it hits HARD. Enemies, weaker debris, even destroyable stone structures/pillars that many other characters take a while to destroy get obliterated en-masse in a single use of this combo. Against bosses this very same combo is still extremely lethal; because it has such a wide AoE she does not need to be aiming and moving straight at the target. She could be firing it while aiming off in the "wrong" direction to the side of the attacking boss in a way that most other characters would miss completely, evading the boss attacks in the process, and still hitting very hard.

WARP COMBO: Normal-Normal-Normal-Smash-Smash = Normal-Normal-Normal-Warp Shot-Warp Blast

A powerful and long range forward combo, the two final smash blasts hit very hard at quite a surprising range. Not only do they have significant range length-wise, they are quite noteworthy height-wise as well; at roughly half of its length range this has been seen hitting enemies/destructables roughly 3 meters above the ground Eira is standing on, such as enemies on upper platforms or ledges.

DISRUPTOR COMBO: Normal-Normal-Normal-Normal-Smash-Smash = Normal-Normal-Normal-Normal-Disruptor Shot-Disruptor Blast

A version of Warp Combo that hits even harder. Unfortunately, combined with the fact that it is slower to use than Warp Combo due to the additional attack required it is also shorter range than Warp Combo so you're less likely to use it regularly, however there is an alternate option (see Portal Combo)

WEAVE: By default Weave is just a dodge move. However, at rank C it becomes a dodge-shot move by hitting Smash while running, and at rank A a second shot with Smash is possible when you land. And it can combine into other techniques...

PORTAL COMBO: Portal Leap is activated by TAB by default, and costs MP to use. This highly effective dodge move has Eira jump into a Void portal for up to one full second, with a small additional Mana cost taken at each quarter-second of travel. While in the Void by default she will move forward, completely passing through any attacks, traps or enemies unharmed, then reappear. However, not only can her direction be manually aimed while in the Void this move can be stopped early and immediately trigger into the Smash portions of four of the above combos.

  • Normal attack while in the Void goes into the Weave combo
  • Smash while in the Void goes into the Bullet combo
  • Normal attack immediately after the normal portal exit goes into the Warp combo
  • Smash attack immediately after the normal portal exit goes into the Disruptor combo, which is a far more effective way of getting access to the high-powered Disruptor blasts in a vicious evade-counterstrike move.

INVERSE COMBO: Inverse Shot can be triggered by a Kick after any Smash attack of a combo above, or during an Active skill, with a backflip-shot. However, at rank C if you Normal attack just after landing it gains an additional dash shot. What the in-game descriptions do NOT tell you is that this second shot is in fact a full rank C Weave shot; if your Weave is at rank A you can immediately chain into its second shot with another Smash attack. But its biggest bonus: successfully hitting an enemy with Inverse Shot gives a notable boost of Stamina. Timed properly and using other abiliies, Eira can have near unlimited heavy damage combos.

MUNITIONS: Mana Munitions is triggered by holding Smash at a standstill and by itself does absolutely nothing, however while holding it you can then trigger into one of three skills by pressing a different movement key, each of which also has its own independent (and lengthy) cooldown and a 30MP cost:

  • Flux Rounds launches a barrage of Normal attack strength shots at moderate range. Two key aspects: First, every shot that hits a living enemy will regenerate a portion of Mana to you. Second, it is mouse-aimed horizontally allowing you to spray a small range of enemies, but this cannot be aimed vertically.
  • Gravity Rounds creates a somewhat wide anti-gravity portal on the ground in front of Eira for several seconds. Lighter mobs caught in it take a bit of damage and are lifted off the ground unable to attack, allowing for easy followup strikes, while bosses take general damage over time but their movement does not appear to be restricted very much. In standard combat this somewhat clumsier move is unlikely to see frequent use, with one exception: it is EXCELLENT for disrupting mobs hiding behind a shield.
  • Entropic Rounds creates a straight-forward long range blast, and any enemy hit by it takes light damage but has their defenses weakened for a short period allowing them to take more damage from subsequent shots.

DISRUPTOR BARRAGE: This isn't a specifically pre-created combo, but when combining two specific techniques listed above in rapid succession it allows Eira to put out absolutely profound damage. Portal Leap, which on keyboard control is initiated by the TAB key, can be fully broken out of early by pushing TAB again, and this counts as a standard Portal Exit regarding the available Portal Combo moves including the very powerful Disruptor Combo smashes. With a good amount of MP built up Eira can launch into a furious assault of Portal Leap, then immediately break out early and launch into the two Disruptor Combo smashes, then immediately Portal Leap again, and repeat for as long as she has MP and Stamina available. Skilled players can pull off this move set every two seconds. With Disruptor Shot and Disruptor Blast being the two most powerful smashes in Eira's standard attack arsenal, and one of the most powerful smashes overall of any character when at equivalent level and equipment, a long Disruptor Barrage can both put out frantic damage and make Eira very hard to hit due to all of the Portal jumps.

Skills[ | ]

Combat Training Restoration Path - Paladin Path - Dark Knight

Common Skill

Mana Revolver Equipment Miscellaneous

Relationships[ | ]

Eira's NPC Portrait

Arisha[ | ]

Arisha and Eira are sisters, sharing the powers of Time and Space derived from the heretic god.

After years of being separated due to unfortunate events happened during their childhood, the sisters have finally reunited in Colhen's Mercenary corps. But unlike Eira, who has always missed her sister, Arisha has lost her memory and doesn't remember her only sister.

Nevertheless, Arisha is vaguely feeling that she shouldn't give up on her. A strong link formed between the two.

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Eira: Origins - Backstory Trailer
Eira - Character Teaser
Eira: The Void Witch - Character Trailer

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Eira - Gameplay Trailer
Eira - Skill Set Compilation Trailer
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