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Easter Bunny (NPC).png
Easter Bunny
Occupation Easter Event Guide
Location Inn, Colhen

"You need Easter Eggs, right?"

He is an Easter Bunny that appears during 2012 Easter Event.

He trades Bunny Suit and Bunny Hat in exchange of Easter Eggs, but he only trades eggs during March 31 and April 1, 7, and 8 during 5:00 P.M. through 7:00 P.M.

Additional Information[]

Chitchat Quotes[]

  • "Hey, why aren't you out looking for eggs? Get crackin'! You can find them in jars and boxes and all kinds of destructible things. And don't worry about breaking them. Those shells are harder than steel."
  • "You're not thinking about eating those eggs, are you? Hey, if you can break the shell, be my guest. Believe me, you'll have a BLAST. Just keep it on the down-low, okay? I don't wanna get a rap as a dealer..."
  • "Where do these eggs come from? I'd tell you, but I'd have to kill you. What, you think I'm kidding? I'm not! I'd really have to kill you!"
  • "This is the perfect place for me to spend Easter. They'll never find me here... I mean, I can spread Easter joy to all the happy townsfolk! Yeah!."
  • "Dying eggs is tricky. One false move and you got dye all over your fur. Believe me, you don't want dye all over your fur when the bunny police come by..."
  • "Easter, Easter, Easter. Busiest time of year, you know? And it's the only time I can get sweet, sweet Easter Eggs."