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Dismantling is a process by which a player can destroy equipment to obtain materials necessary for Element Stone. Element Stone is used to create items used in Power Infusion Process.

Effects and Process of Dismantling[]

Dismantling is considered a sub-skill of Expertise. As of May 2015, you can dismantle items regardless of your expertise. For example, a character with Tailoring can now dismantle weapons as well.

There are three tiers to Dismantling, based on proficiency and the item's level to be dismantled. Proficiency of 0-49 is able to dismantle items of level 1-47. Proficiency of 50-99 is able to dismantle items of level 48-55. Proficiency of 100-150 is able to dismantle items of level 56-60.

Materials obtained from dismantling an item will now be dependent on the dismantled item's attributes and not the player's dismantling expertise.

Dismantling level 1-47 equipment costs 3k gold and destroys the item to produce:

Dismantling level 48-55 equipment costs 5k gold and destroys the item.

Note : The chance to get an average material is only approximately 50% or so, the rest of the time you will get an Element Stone Catalyst instead.

Dismantling level 56-60 equipment costs 10k gold and destroys the item.

  • Light-Plate armor : Magic Stone
  • Accessories and weapons created via goldsmithing : Spirit Water
  • Cloth armor : Lambent Powder
    • Lambent powder is the rarest as you need to dismantle level 60+ cloth armor to obtain it, and only Arishas can regularly get free cloth armor drops from Titan. Crafting cloth armor generally takes a long time and requires you to do many roch raids for the drops which most players skip when they reach the end game.
  • Weapons created via weaponsmithing : Element Shard

Dismantling level 70-80 equipment costs 12k gold and destroys the item.

An example of the dismantling process can be seen in this picture, by a Weaponsmith dismantling a level 1-47 item:

Dismantling Weaponsmith.png

Dismantling Locations[]

  • Players can dismantle items at the appropriate Expertise stand in Colhen or Rocheste.

Colhen locations:
Armorsmithing: Outside of the Forge
Goldsmithing: outside of the Traveler's Shop
Tailoring: Outside of the General Store
Weaponsmithing: Outside of the Mercenary Outpost

Rocheste locations:
Armorsmithing: Outside of the Royal Army Base
Goldsmithing: Across from the Marketplace board
Tailoring: Outside of the Dormitory
Weaponsmithing: Outside of the Royal Army Base


  • Dismantling is the first step in the process required to Power Infusion Process equipment. Element Stone is the second process, relying on materials from Dismantling. Finally, Power Infusion Process uses materials from Element Stone to have a chance of boosting a single stat on a piece of equipment.
  • Items with an NPC sale price of 0 gold cannot be dismantled.