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Dianann (NPC).png
Original Name Dianann
Alignment Fomors
Race Cassian
Occupation Magician
Location Rocheste

Takes care of item Composite and Skill Awakening.

Don't ask me personal things. I'm here for business.
~ 'Dianann'

Dianann is a distant young woman from a place called Lochlann. She came to Rocheste to sell her services, known as Compositing. She resides inside of the Magician's Guild along with Jarlath. She is also capable of upgrading the Mercenary's skills through Skill Awakening.

Additional Information[]

Chitchat Quotes[]

  • "I'm Dianann. What can I help you with?
    (You try some small talk.)
    Um... Yes. There is weather, isn't there?
  • "Listen, I'm not really a conversationalist. I'm more of a listener. Why don't you do the talking for both of us?"
  • "(A small vein stands out on her forehead)
    Tsch...I suppose...that's...fine."
  • "I have a little sister. I'm a bit worried about her. If you ever run into a girl named Jornin, tell her I am well."
  • "(You ask about her hometown)
    Have you heard of Lochlann? It's cold. I doubt you've heard of it.
  • "Don't ask me personal things. I'm here for business."