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Deputy Commander Riordan Req. Level:
You must have completed the story "Holy Artifact".
Marrec (NPC).png Clodagh (NPC).png
Starts with Marrec Ends with Clodagh
Steps to Completing:
1. Talk to Marrec at the Mercenary Outpost.
2. Complete the Battle Quest Hoarfrost Hollow in Flames.
3. Talk to Ceara at the Mercenary Outpost.
4. Talk to Clodagh at the General Store.
Chest (Icon).pngReward 3100 Gold (Icon).png 59300 Experience (Icon).png 0 Ability Point (Icon).png
Stories Unlocked:

Story Dialogue
Rush to the Mercenary Outpost.
Marrec (NPC Icon).png Marrec

Oh, you're here.
Perfect timing.

Here we go...

Gwynn (NPC Icon).png Gwynn

Has everyone gathered? Very well, attention!
The deputy commander of the Royal Army, Riordan, has arrived.

From this point forward, Riordan will be in command.
Follow his orders to the letter.

Riordan, sir, go ahead.

Riordan (NPC Icon).png Riordan

I am Deputy Commander Riordan.
I trust no further introduction is needed.

We have a very important mission ahead,
one that will be closely watched by the Pontiff's Court.

I have name this mission 'Operation Salvation'.
All details are to be kept secret from civilians.

Our taks is to recover the Holy Artifact from the Fomors.
Gwynn, explain the details.

Gwynn (NPC Icon).png Gwynn

Yes sir! Our main target is Fomor called 'Ezroch'.
It is a formidable foe, and wields a double-bladed axe.

While the advance group distracts Ezroch,
the main group will flank and attack from the rear.

Riordan (NPC Icon).png Riordan

Bear in mind that failure is not an option!
The Holy Artifact must be recovered at all costs.

We will depart for Hoarfrost Depths in 30 minutes.
Squad commanders, confirm preparations.

Torrin, please address the troops.

Torrin (NPC Icon).png Torrin

Please bring the Holy Artifact back safely.
Good luck to you all.

Riordan (NPC Icon).png Riordan

Everyone dismissed.
Stay focused.

(The Mercenary Outpost is noisy, talking about the mission.)

Gwynn (NPC Icon).png Gwynn

<Evie>, come over here for a second.
Riordan, this is the person I told you about.

The one who found the snow creatures in Hoarfrost Depths
and recovered the Holy Artifact pouch.

<Evie> has been vital to our mission thus far
and will help us again in the upcoming mission.

(Gwynn turns sternly to you.)
Introduce yourself to Riordan, <Evie>.

Riordan (NPC Icon).png Riordan

Hmm, is this all true? You look young.
Does this mercenary have much experience?

Gwynn (NPC Icon).png Gwynn

Not a great deal, no, sir.

Riordan (NPC Icon).png Riordan

Gwynn, I believe I decided to include only
veteran mercenaries in this mission.

I'm not sure about including a rookie,
even one as talented as you say.

Gwynn (NPC Icon).png Gwynn

They are trustworthy. I have my doubts sometimes...
but they always exceed my expectations.

Riordan (NPC Icon).png Riordan

Very well, I shall trust your judgement.
Oh, speaking of which. You know that Ainle incident...

Gwynn (NPC Icon).png Gwynn

Regarding Ainle...

Riordan (NPC Icon).png Riordan

Remember the incident that killed one of our cadets?
Ellis, I believe it was?

I remember giving him an award...
I heard you were particularly found of him.

I am sorry for what happened.

Gwynn (NPC Icon).png Gwynn

It's okay.

Riordan (NPC Icon).png Riordan

However, I haven't heard of any disciplinary action
taken on the mercenary involved.

Care to explain?

Gwynn (NPC Icon).png Gwynn

So, what happened was...

Riordan (NPC Icon).png Riordan

Yes, I figured as much.
Your face tells the whole story.

So, this is also the mercenary who was
involved in that incident?

Gwynn (NPC Icon).png Gwynn

I am sorry, sir.

Riordan (NPC Icon).png Riordan

Get your act together, soldier!
I will not tolerate dereliction of duty.

I can't believe you were trying to assign
someone who was involved in the death of a cadet...

I thought you understood that rules are
essential to the Royal Army.

I am very disappointed in you.
Remove this mercenary from the mission.

Gwynn (NPC Icon).png Gwynn

Riordan, please...

Riordan (NPC Icon).png Riordan

Gwynn, the more you screw up, the harder
it is for you to be assigned back to Keaghan.

I can't recommend someone who doesn't follow
rules to be Keaghan's aide.

Gwynn (NPC Icon).png Gwynn


Riordan (NPC Icon).png Riordan

Very good. I'm going to speak with Torrin,
so I expect you to get things done.

As I have commanded, Gwynn.

Gwynn (NPC Icon).png Gwynn

<Evie>...I am sorry.
I must exclude you from this mission.

I had no idea Riordan still remembered
that incident.

I...can't disobey the commander's order.
I suppose, in a way, he is right.

I guess I became less disciplined.
But, I will give you another mission.

Did you hear that the advance group
will draw Ezroch's attention?

I want you to be part of that mission.

I know you can do this.

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You received information on Battle: Hoarfrost Hollow in Flames.
[[File:{{{npc}}} (NPC Icon).png|text-bottom|35px]] [[{{{npc}}}]]
You learned the Story: Clockwork Inn.
Complete the Battle Quest Hoarfrost Hollow in Flames and go to the Mercenary Outpost.
Ceara (NPC Icon).png Ceara

Oh, you're back! No one else has returned
from Hoarfrost Depths yet.

Who, me? I'm running backup on this one.
Someone has to watch the outpost and prepare for wounded.

Since you're here...I wanted to say sorry.
I'm sorry you couldn't go with the main force.

Yeah, I know it's not my fault.
But, you've done so much...I feel we owe you.

Whew, anyway! Where is everyone?
With an army like that, things should be easy.

Oh, so tell me about Emaighsoch.
How was the fight?

Wait, what? What do you mean it was waiting for you?
But...that means...

Oh, no...what if it was a trap?
Well...nothing we can do now.

I just hope everyone...
Anyway. Oh, Clodagh wanted to see you, <Evie>.

Can you go see what she wants?
Take your time...

We might be waiting a while...

Visit Clodagh.
Clodagh (NPC Icon).png Clodagh

Oh, hey! Thanks for coming by.
I have something to ask you.

Marrec and Gwynn are so strict about rules,
so I thought maybe you could help. something happening in Fobellow Prairie?
I heard that my brother is there now.

He's not a full soldier yet, but they're short of men.
I got a letter from him, but it doesn't make much sense.

He mentioned that he isn't feeling well.
He said the water tastes weird and he has a fever.

I...haven't heard from him since.
I am so worried about him.

Nothing's going on there right?
Can you...just tell me that everything is going to be okay?

(You nod and tell her, very sincerely, that everything
is going to be okay. Clodagh grins after you do.)

Thank you. I'm alwasy worrying about my brother.
Oh, look at me...

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You learned the Story: Send-Off.