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Deniz (NPC).png
Original Name Denaru
Alignment Jungle Troll tribe
Race Jungle Troll
Occupation Warrior of the Jungle Troll tribe
Location Crescent Moon Island
~ 'Deniz'

Deniz is a female jungle troll on Crescent Moon Island. She is friends with Miller, whom she calls "Blond Mouse". Deniz fears that Deathchief Kielu is out of control, abusing their snake god Lakoria to do her bidding and breaking the jungle troll's laws, as well as defiling nature. Deniz wants Kielu to be killed to stop her destruction and teams up with the mercenary to do this.

Chit Chat Quotes[]

  • "I am called Deniz."
  • "Our men gather food from the dark jungle. Powerful women warriors wait there. Kill any trespasser."
  • "Lakoria is God. God lives in our jungle. We protect God's children."
  • "Kielu seeks the power of the God. She steals the power of the great Lakoria and uses it for herself."
  • "Lakoria will not stand for her betrayal. Lakoria will judge the wicked."