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The difference between the Dark Knight and Paladin transformations are mostly visual. Initial stat bonuses are now identical.


There are some differences between the function of each Path's skills.

1st Transformation[]

Dark Knight Paladin Function
Revelation: Fatigue Grace: Fatigue Identical.
Revelation: Resistance Grace: Resistance Identical.
Passion I Passion I Identical.
Steal Grasp Steal deals its damage instantly, while Grasp deals its damage after a short delay.

Each use of Steal increases ATT/M. ATT by 100, up to a maximum of 1000. Grasp does not increase attack.

Active: Spear of Stigma Active: Trail of Light Identical.
Duration Duration Identical.
Firestorm Divine Punishment Identical.
Active: Prison of Destruction Active: Purging Light Identical.
Slowed Petrification Slowed will slow down mob actions, while Petrification freezes them in place.

2nd Transformation[]

Dark Knight Paladin Function
Active: Fissure Active: Conviction Fissure deals damage and stuns the boss momentarily, while Conviction provides a shield with knockdown and flinch immunity.
Encroach Discipline Encroach increases damage dealt with Fissure, while Discipline increases damage absorbed by Conviction.
Passion II Passion II Identical.
Revelation: Stamina Grace: Stamina Identical.
Transcendence Transcendence Identical.
Active: Punishment Active: Sacred Sword Punishment deals half the damage twice in a large circle centered around the character, after taking a step forward.

Sacred Sword deals full damage in a straight line in front of the character, while standing still.

The most notable difference is that Dark Knight gains an additional 1000 ATT/M. ATT, while Paladin does not.

Choosing a Path[]

  • An apparent difference between Dark Knight and Paladin are the Fissure and Conviction actives. You may choose a Path depending on which active appeals to you more.
  • You may also choose whichever Path appeals to you visually because the differences are insignificant overall.
  • If you do not have a visual preference, then Dark Knight is recommended for the offensive edge.