Dark Knight vs. Paladin

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The difference between the Dark Knight and Paladin transformations are mostly visual. Initial stat bonuses are now identical.

Comparison[edit | edit source]

There are some differences between the function of each Path's skills.

1st Transformation[edit | edit source]

Dark Knight Paladin Function
Revelation: Fatigue Grace: Fatigue Identical.
Revelation: Resistance Grace: Resistance Identical.
Passion I Passion I Identical.
Steal Grasp Steal deals its damage instantly, while Grasp deals its damage after a short delay.

Each use of Steal increases ATT/M. ATT by 100, up to a maximum of 1000. Grasp does not increase attack.

Active: Spear of Stigma Active: Trail of Light Identical.
Duration Duration Identical.
Firestorm Divine Punishment Identical.
Active: Prison of Destruction Active: Purging Light Identical.
Slowed Petrification Slowed will slow down mob actions, while Petrification freezes them in place.

2nd Transformation[edit | edit source]

Dark Knight Paladin Function
Active: Fissure Active: Conviction Fissure deals damage and stuns the boss momentarily, while Conviction provides a shield with knockdown and flinch immunity.
Encroach Discipline Encroach increases damage dealt with Fissure, while Discipline increases damage absorbed by Conviction.
Passion II Passion II Identical.
Revelation: Stamina Grace: Stamina Identical.
Transcendence Transcendence Identical.
Active: Punishment Active: Sacred Sword Punishment deals half the damage twice in a large circle centered around the character, after taking a step forward.

Sacred Sword deals full damage in a straight line in front of the character, while standing still.

The most notable difference is that Dark Knight gains an additional 1000 ATT/M. ATT, while Paladin does not.

Choosing a Path[edit | edit source]

  • An apparent difference between Dark Knight and Paladin are the Fissure and Conviction actives. You may choose a Path depending on which active appeals to you more.
  • You may also choose whichever Path appeals to you visually because the differences are insignificant overall.
  • If you do not have a visual preference, then Dark Knight is recommended for the offensive edge.