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Culann (NPC).png
Original Name Caithleann
Alignment Fomor
Race Ogre
Occupation Innkeeper in Berbhe Inn
Location Inn, Berbhe

Culann is the owhner of the Barbhe Inn. He's ofthen lost in his own world. He has a tendency to misunderstand what people are saying.

Services Offered[]


Additional Information[]

Chitchat Quotes[]

  • I should really patch up the holes in the roof of the inn. But it's not like it ever rains...
  • I preferred it when the Hight Commander was still around. If you don't want to finght, you didn't have to.
  • But after he disappeared, all the ogres were drafted. So I ran. That's why I'm still alive and uninfected.
  • This is the first I've heard of the Silent Knights. Such an elegant name.
  • I wist I could join them... As their personal innkeeper, or course.
  • I don't care for prophecies. Anyone who ever believed that nonsense has probably converted by now.
  • Pople are always so eager to tote around blind faith. I don't really understand why.
  • I wasn't very close to him. He never took the potion. Said he had to uphold his honor as an ogre.
  • Ogres. They're so damn unpredicatable.
  • As for me, I have no interest in dying. Death sounds hideously boring.
  • I like the inn. You can meet folks from all different walks of life. That's why I become an innkeeper.
  • I heard ther's dragon where you come from. Out of curiosity, what color was its scales?