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Cromm Cruaich
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Type God
Location Annwyn
Boss of God of Death
Alignment Aggressive
Season Season 2


Related Titles[]


Regular Drops[]

Materials Equipment Etc.
All Modes Cromm Cruaich Fauld, Cromm Cruaich Staff Fragment
Lv. 50 - 69 Mode Cromm Cruaich Fauld, Cromm Cruaich Staff Fragment
Lv. 70 - 80 Mode Divine Teardrop, Cromm Cruaich Fauld, Cromm Cruaich Staff Fragment Righteous Enchant Scroll
Enlightened Enchant Scroll
Silent Enchant Scroll
Journeying Enchant Scroll
Declarative Enchant Scroll
Break Off Cromm Cruaich Pauldron

Quest-Only Drops[]

Break Off Tips[]

Battle Skills & Attacks[]

  • Does a two hit combo, consisting of a kick and then an uppercut.
    • Will sometimes release several explosions in a line after the uppercut in front of him.
    • Will sometimes follow up with his charge punch attack.
  • Does a three hit combo: Leaps towards a player with a powerful kick, follows up with a sweep and finishes with a flying twisting axe kick.
  • Charges up and rushes at a player with a powerful punch.
    • Will sometimes charge up for a longer period and create AoE explosions with his punch.
  • Swings his staff and releasing three projectiles that tracks three random players.
  • Melees with his staff. There are two variations of this attack.
    • Points at a character and does a three hit combo.
    • Swings his staff and pounds the ground after, creating a small AoE around him.
  • Dashes in a straight line three times.
  • Surrounds himself with blue lightning and rushes at a player, grabbing and then slamming them into the ground.
  • Points to a character and does a lightning blast from his right hand.
  • When stunned, he will drop to one of his knees. When he recovers, he will punch the ground, creating a large AoE surrounding him.
  • Summons lightning around him. This occurs:
    • At random.
    • When recovering from a knockdown.
    • When spawning.
  • Charges himself with lightning, floats up and then slams his fist into the ground, summoning lightning in a + formation where he lands. This attack can be Clashed. (Clashing this attack can cause damage to surrounding players. It is a current glitch.)
  • Starting at 9 Health, Cromm Cruaich will float into the air to summon the Phantom of Death and Phantom of Destruction, two clones with the same moves as Cromm Cruaich but with significantly less HP.
    • If the Phantoms are not killed in time, they will disappear and Cromm Cruaich will drop back onto the battlefield, deploying a wide-range area of effect that covers the entire battlefield. The area of effect deals 50% damage for every Phantom that was alive prior to the attack.
    • If the Phantoms are killed, Cromm Cruaich drops back onto the center of the battlefield, stunned.
  • Starting at 8 Health, every two and a half minutes Cromm Cruaich will glow green and spin his staff before summoning four statues. These statues will periodically fire projectiles that causes a player to levitate and be unable to take any action. At 5 HP bars, Cromm Cruaich will use this move every two minutes.
  • At 5 Health, Cromm Cruaich roars and spawns a blood aura around him, permanently increasing his Attack Speed.
  • At 1 Health remaining, Cromm Cruaich will float into the air and summon a giant magic circle. In this phase:
    • Lightning, flaming circles that move outward and (at half of his last HP bar) flaming circles that move inward will periodically rain down in random positions. These attacks cannot be blocked.
    • Cromm Cruaich cannot be attacked but his health will steadily drain. At the brink of death, Cromm Cruaich will float down before dying.
    • All player's defense will drop to 0.
    • If the entire party is wiped in this phase, the battle will immediately fail.

Tips & Advice[]

  • When Cromm glows green and spins his staff, he should quickly be stunned with an appropriate SP skill to stop him from summoning four statues.
    • These statues will progressively glow white, green and red before releasing a projectile that levitates the target player for a number of seconds, rendering them defenseless against all attacks during that time.
      • In order to stop the projectiles, a player must stand close to the statue to reset the glow timer. The timer will only start counting when no player is nearby.
    • It is usually recommended to destroy the statues, as otherwise 4 players will have to stay close to them at all times.
    • Cromm will first attempt to summon the statues once he is at 8 bars of health. He will thereafter attempt it every 2 minutes 30 seconds.
    • At 5 bars the summoning attack's cooldown immediately resets, and is only 2 minutes thereafter. When not in cooldown, he can randomly attempt to summon the statues.
      • Cromm's attack speed also increases after 5 bars, much akin to Thor, so stopping the statues at this point requires very fast reflexes. The team may have a player standing by with their SP skill once Cromm is off his cooldown, as it will often take too long to recover from attacking him to stop him in time.
  • It is possible to skip Conflagration by killing Cromm before he starts the phase. However, he cannot be continuously locked down to allow this to occur.
      • It is not recommended to use suppression skills (1000 SP) near the end of the second to last HP bar. Using any of the knockdown skills such as Arisha's Active: Temporal Shift, or similar skills, to prevent Cromm from rising into the air can cause the animation of him floating into the air to glitch and repeat, it will also make him completely invulnerable and forever repeating the floating up animation thus preventing the battle from being finished. So be careful.