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Colhen is the town where all characters start at. It is under the protection of the Crimson Blades. The Docks can be found nearby.

Until update 1.23, Colhen was the only town in Vindictus, Update 1.24 brought the town of Rocheste

Spoiler: Episode 6 A horde of Fomorian Goblins and Ogres have directly assaulted and set Colhen on fire (Colhen in Flames).

Spoiler: Episode 10 After Tieve and Keaghan becomes Morrighan and Cichol, respectively, the entire town acts if Tieve and Keaghan never existed yet they feel loneliness. Seanna arrives, "replacing" Tieve, greeting the player as if they've never met; she is also not following any sort of prophecy. The Crimson Blade Mercenaries too greet the player as if they've only recently met. Marrec and Cloadgh still possess their friendship rings and feel as if it doesn't belong to them. Brynn still possess a portrait of Tieve, yet it brings him peace even if he does not know who she is.

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