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Clodagh (NPC).png
Original Name Clodagh
Alignment Colhen
Race Human
Occupation Tailor
Location General Store, Colhen

A novice seamstress who's usually found at the General Store. She's cheerful and upbeat, and was childhood friends with Tieve. She is proud of her older brother who serves in the Royal Army.

Clodagh loves fashion and dreams of one day opening her own beauty salon. She believes the people should care more about fashion than the average person in Colhen. Therefore, she tries to create fashionable outfits. In the meantime, she works tirelessly at perfecting her weaving skills and often designs armor for the Crimson Blade mercenaries. Her optimistic spirit prevails, even on days when she feels inferior to her best friend, Tieve.

She is childhood friends with Tieve, Marrec, and Keaghan.

Spoiler: (Episode 6) Prior to the events of Colhen in Flames, Clodagh was kidnapped. It was shortly revealed that Warlord Black Hammer was assigned to kidnap Tieve, but stole her friend by accident, upsetting Shakarr.

When people look good they approach the world with confidence.
~ 'Clodagh'

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Chitchat Quotes[]

  • "My dream is to open a beauty shop. When people look good they approach the world with confidence. Trust me."
  • "Aislinn is lucky. If the Fomors attack, she can flee to Rocheste. I wonder if she would take me with her?"
  • "Tieve's seeing Keaghan, who's in the Royal Army. I grew up with both of them, you know."
  • "If Fomors attack, do you think the Crimson Blades will protect us? We need the Royal Army here..."
  • "(Clodagh looks scared.) Ainle was attacked by Fomors! Where will they strike next?"
  • "(Clodagh sighs.) I'm not as pretty as Tieve. Or as smart. And I'm not an oracle chosen by the goddess. I'm allowed to be a little jealous of my best friend, right?"
  • "I would love to go to Rocheste. Think of the parties, the delicacies, the crowds of folks discussing art and beauty..."
  • "Tieve, Keaghan, Marrec, and I were all childhood friends. But things are...different now."
  • "Have you seen the refugees from Ainle? The ones in the dark gray robes are so strange. They didn't bring any belongings. They don't even look like refugees..."
  • "I need to stop aging! As people age, they just have more things to worry about. Not to mention wrinkles."
  • "(Clodagh wrinkles her nose at your disheveled hair.) Must you make it so obvious that you don't bathe?"
  • "My cousin ran a produce shop in Ainle. Ever since I heard that Ainle was attacked, I see her in my dreams..."
  • "You haven't met Keaghan? He's now a soldier in the Royal Army. But he and I are still friends... I think."
  • "You know that Royal soldier from the Pontiff's Court? She has such shiny armor, and I adore her beret!"
  • "Tieve is so talented. I have to work so hard to compete, but my tailoring skills might even rival hers now."


  • A banker in Mabinogi: Fantasy Life is named Clodagh.

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