Vindictus Wiki

Character Stats[]

Stat attributes directly affect how well your character performs in battle. Different stats affect your character in different ways.

Base Stats[]


  • Increases the damage dealt by your physical attacks.
    • Every 1 point of Strength increases ATT by exactly 2.7.
      • Dark Knight and Paladin skill points that add +stats (Destiny/Potential) increase ATT by exactly 2.8 per strength
  • For all characters except Evie, Strength allows you to pick up heavier objects.
    • Objects marked with a white hand can be picked up with no stamina penalty.
    • Objects marked with a orange hand slowly drains the stamina pool while being held.
    • Objects marked with a red hand cannot be picked up at all.
  • For all characters except Evie, Strength increases critical damage by 0.015% (capped at 30% for 2,000 Strength).


  • Increases your Defense.
    • Every 2 points of Agility increases DEF by 1 (capped at 1,000 for 2,000 Agility).
  • Allows your Stamina to regenerate faster.
    • Every 105 points of Agility reduces time to full stamina regeneration by 0.3 seconds.
  • Allows you to recover from being knocked down faster.
  • Lann only: Increases the damage of all Twin Spear Smash attacks except Tail Piercing.
    • Every 40 points of Agility increases Twin Spear Smash Damage by by 1%.
  • Lann only: Increases the damage of Gliding Fury and Lightning Fury.
    • Every 47 points of Agility increases Gliding Fury and Lightning Fury Damage by 1%.
  • Lann only: Increases the damage of Active: Fury No.7.
    • Every 38 points of Agility increases Furious Seven Damage by 1%.


  • Shortens the time between obtaining bonus AP through Meditation.
    • Every 1 points of Intelligence decreases the bonus AP time by 0.15 second.
      • This is capped at 2,000 Intelligence for a reduction of 300 seconds.
  • Increases the damage done by your magic attacks.
    • Every 1 point of Intelligence increases M. ATT by 2.
  • Increases the Critical Hit damage dealt through Magic.
    • Intelligence increases critical damage by 0.015% (capped at 30% for 2,000 Intelligence).
  • Evie, Arisha, and Sylas only: Allows you to pick up heavier objects. See Strength table above, substituting Intelligence for Strength, for requirements.


  • Decreases your chance of being knocked down or incapacitated.
    • Life flare activation bonus chance is equal to 30% at 2,000 Willpower (or .015% per Willpower at or below 2,000)
  • Willpower increases Critical rate at the rate of 0.0075% for every 1 Will (capped at 15 Critical rate for 2,000 Will).
    • Critical Hit Chance obtained from Willpower is automatically added in the character stat menu.
  • Willpower also increases HP where 1 Willpower = 0.6 HP (capped at 1,200 HP for 2,000 Will).


  • Increases your chance of obtaining additional (white) Evil Cores.
  • Only way to increase luck is by equipping NX items (e.g. Badges and Blessings).
  • Base Luck is 100.
  • If you have bonus Luck (more than 100), you will gain one guaranteed extra (white) evil core from all bosses.
  • For every other black core that drops, you have (<your luck> - 100)*1.5% chance to obtain a duplicate (white) core, with the same loot table. i.e. If a boss core is duplicated, your white core may contain any item on that boss's drop table. If a breakoff core is duplicated, your white core will contain a second breakoff item, etc.

Effective Stats[]

Health Points[]

  • Health Points, abbreviated as HP, determines how much damage the player can absorb.
  • Health is lost by getting hit by the enemy or environment, falling off high ledges, or using certain skills such as Lann's Fury Infusion.
  • The Defense stat help reduce the amount of HP lost when being hit.
  • If health drops to zero, the player will become incapacitated where they have fallen and will be unable to move.
    • Incapacitation can be resisted with the Life Flare skill which is affected by the Willpower stat.
  • If incapacitation occurs, players must be revived by using a Phoenix Feather or the Revive spell. One can alternatively use the Goddess Grace or Goddess Grace (Party) from the Supply Depot.
    • Using a Phoenix Feather to revive a player will leave them at 50% HP, while the Revive spell restores a certain amount depending on rank, where the Goddess Grace will restore full health.
  • Maximum health can be increased by obtaining certain titles, leveling up, or increasing Willpower or Health Mastery.
  • Health can also be obtained from certain armor effects.
  • Health can be recovered by using HP potions, collecting Restoration Erg Crystals, or using unique skills skills such as Healing Corona.
    • Potions have reduced effectiveness if used while moving. The Merc Recovery Potion is the exception.
    • The HP Potion Proficiency skill can increase the effectiveness of any potion used while standing or moving.
  • When one transforms into a Paladin or Dark Knight, the user's maximum health will fully restored and temporarily increased.
    • 500 bonus health is granted for transforming, as well as an additional 500 (for a total of 1000) upon using the 2nd transformation. These numbers can be increased through passive path skills.
    • Paladin Grace: Regeneration and Dark Knight Revelation: Regeneration can restore HP by a certain amount per second up to a certain limit.


  • Stamina allows you to employ attacks and movements.
    • Regular attacks stop Stamina regeneration.
    • Dodging, using a smash attack, throwing objects, grabbing and grappling attacks all consume Stamina. (Sprinting used to, but no longer consumes stamina.)
    • If the user runs out of Stamina, the character will pant for a quick second and needs to catch a breather, leaving them vulnerable.
    • Different skills consume different amounts of Stamina.
      • Some skills that consume stamina can be used without the normal amount required. Stamina will be drained normally but cannot fall below 0.
  • Maximum Stamina can be increased by Stamina Mastery.
    • Maximum Stamina is increased by 10 for all characters upon reaching level 80.
    • As a Paladin or Dark Knight, the player gains 50 additional Stamina for the duration of the transformation. Using the 2nd transformation will increase this by an additional 50, for a total of 100.
    • Dark Knight's Revelation: Aura increases Maximum Stamina for the entire party, including the user, so long as they are near the Dark Knight.
  • Characters have different amounts of base stamina points.
  • Stamina recovery is affected by:
    • The Agility stat and Battle Respiration increase the inherent recovery rate of stamina.
    • Stamina Potions, Evie's SP: Insane Reaper, Paladin's Grace: Stamina or Dark Knight's Revelation: Stamina can restore Stamina by a certain amount per second. This "extra" Stamina restoration will continue even when normal Stamina regeneration does not, such as when sprinting.
    • Certain skills, such as Lann's Fury Infusion, the skill Active: Slashing High, Paladin Transformation or Dark Knight Transformation can restore 100% of Stamina when executed.
    • Certain skills, such as Active: Slashing High, can also maintain 100% of Stamina for a limited time.
  • Some attacks, such as Weakness, temporarily drop the user's Stamina to 0 and prevent Stamina regeneration of any form for a limited time.
  • Certain scrolls can increase max Stamina or Stamina recovery rate, such as Enduring or Berserker.

ATT (Attack Power)[]

ATT Cap[]

Attack Power is mitigated by Defense in a linear fashion such that "Attack Power - Defense = Effective Attack Power." Effective Attack Power is then used in each ability's damage formula to calculate damage. However, there is a 10k cap to Effective Attack Power. So if a monster has 6k Defense, then you will reach the cap against that specific monster at 16k ATT. If you have 19k ATT, the extra 3k will be ignored for that monster.

M. ATT (Magic Attack Power)[]

  • Increases the damage dealt by magic attacks.
  • All of Evie's and Arisha's weapons have a Magic Attack value.
    • Magic Attack can be increased through the Intelligence stat as well as Evie's Magic Mastery.
  • The Paladin and Dark Knight Transformations increases M. ATT by 700, while White Knight and Black Knight adds 2300.
  • Revelation: ATT and Revelation: Fury increases the M. ATT of a Dark/Black Knight.
  • Dark Knight's Steal allows them to absorb HP of their enemies to convert it to attack power.

ATT limit[]

  • Increases your ATT Cap, allowing you to deal more damage in situations where you were attack capped.
  • This is achieved through Material Synthesis , in which a maxed out Shard/Chunk/Ore is upgraded using Shards.

Additional DMG[]

  • Increases the damage dealt by all attacks.
  • Not affected by enemy Defense, making it much more valuable than regular attack.
  • Real damage dealt to the enemy is you character sheet Additional DMG multiplied by 6.25
  • Primarily obtained by Enhancing weapons and armour.

DEF (Defense)[]

  • Lowers the damage received from attacks.
  • All armor has a defense value.
    • Defense can be gained by the Agility stat, Defense Mastery, Stone Skin and Armor Proficiency skills.
    • Armor can break if the user takes too many hits, and the defense added from the armor piece will be lowered.
      • A high ranked Stone Skin can restore a certain amount of Defense for each broken piece of armor.
      • Higher enhanced armor maintains more defense when broken than lower enhanced armor.
      • Critical hits will instantly break a piece of armor, regardless of previous durability or damage dealt.
  • Grace: DEF and Grace: Perseverance increases the Defense of a Paladin/White Knight.

Miscellaneous Stats[]

Weapon Balance[]

  • Weapon Balance determines the range of damage the weapon inflicts. In other words, each weapon’s damage will vary based on the Balance of it.
    • For example, if a weapon’s balance is 80, it will have a chance to inflict between 80% - 100% of total damage.
      • For further explanation, every time the player deals damage the game rolls a number and applies it as a percent. The minimum possible roll is equal to the player's balance total, while the maximum is 100. This is then applied against the character's actual damage, meaning that a character with 80 balance would deal anywhere between 80% to 100% of the actual damage per hit.
        • Simply put, higher balance is better.
  • Weapon Balance is capped at 100 effective balance.

Attack Speed[]

  • Attack Speed determines how fast or slow the character attacks with the weapon.
    • For Kai's longbow mode, the attack speed only effects the reload time.
  • Each point of Attack Speed increases the speed of attacks by 0.5%.
  • The time required to complete any attack is given by the following formula:
   real attack period = base attack period / ((200 + Attack Speed) / 200)
  • Some skills, such as Active: Slashing High and SP: Insane Reaper, temporarily increases the weapon speed.
  • Characters who are shorter tend to have more attack speed while a taller character will have less speed.
  • Attack Speed can be increased by enhancing the weapon from +6 and beyond, and enchanting.
  • The Attack Speed also effects the recovery time of an attack.

Attack Distance[]

  • Attack Distance is the range from the character to the opponent.
  • Attack Distance cannot be increased from weapon enhancements.
  • Characters who are taller tend to have more attack reach while a shorter character will have less attack reach.
  • Attack Distance is a hidden stat specific to the weapon (specifically the appearance weapon in terms of fused gear).
  • As a Paladin or Dark Knight, the Attack Distance greatly increases.
  • All of Hurk's and Lynn's weapons have the same Attack Distances.

Critical Chance[]

  • Critical Chance determines the chance you will land a critical hit.
    • Critical Chance is determined by Attacker's Critical - Defender's Critical Resistance.
  • The final Critical Chance after all the calculation is capped at 50%. For example, a player has 90 critical and the boss has 20 critical resistance, but since the cap is 50, said player will only have 50% Critical Chance against the boss, not 70%.
  • A character can raise their Critical stats in several ways:
    • Skills such as Critical Hit and Lann's Fury Infusion, Thousand Needles's Sharp/Furious, and Risky Wind's Windrider.
    • Willpower increases Critical Chance at the rate of 0.0075% for every 1 Will.
    • All weapons gives some amount of critical.
    • The formula for total critical rate is the following: Critical Hit Skill Rate + Weapon Critical + (Willpower/2000 * 15) + Other Critical Enhancements

Critical Damage[]

  • Critical Damage is the damage dealt from critical hits, as a percentage.
  • Has a base of 100.
  • Every 1 Strength gives 0.015% Critical Damage for physical damage characters and every 1 Intelligence gives 0.015% Critical Damage for magic damage characters.
  • Critical Hit and Lann's Critical Damage increases Critical Damage.

Critical Resistance[]

  • Critical Resistance lowers the chances that an opponent will critically strike you.
  • The formula for resisting critical chance is: Total Critical Chance - Critical Resistance.
  • Certain armors increase the wearer's Critical Resistance.

SP (Special Power)[]

  • SP is a resource used up when using extremely powerful abilities.
    • Most skills that use SP are prefaced with Active:, such as Active: Raging Fever. However, a few skills such as Kai's Magnum will draw SP in spite of not being labelled as such.
  • The SP bar only becomes visible when the player has first obtained an SP skill.
  • The SP bar is split into 5 parts; each sub-bar is 250 SP, making the whole bar 1250 SP. Skills consume one or several of the sub-bars.
  • Many common actions, such as using smashes, increases SP. Many characters have unique, additional ways to increase SP such as Fiona's Guard.
  • SP can also be gained through SP Recovery Potions.
  • Using a Goddess Grace or being revived with a Party Revival Feather or Guild Heavenly Feather provides 500 SP.
  • The status ailment Decreased Energy decreases SP by 450 within 6 seconds.
  • Lynn's Active: Jade Fox reduces SP over time as well as when she is hit by a damaging ability.

MP (Mana Power)[]

  • MP is a resource used up when utilizing enhanced attacks for Arisha with either Focus or Spellblade, or with Eira's extensive set of tactical abilities;
  • MP is exclusive for Arisha and Eira characters;
  • MP's maximum value is 500;
  • MP is gained by attacking enemies;
  • For Arisha, MP needs to be charged by using Mana Drain before it can be used (turning from dark blue to light blue);
  • The only skill that utilizes MP is Mana Blade mode. When in Mana Blade mode, each attack dealt drains about 10 MP;
  • Perfect Drain can net you additional amount of MP. The amount of additional MP depends on the rank of Mana Drain skill.