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The purpose of this page is to provide a general idea of the damage potential of every character relative to one other. These lists assume optimal performance and equal stats.


  • Damage refers to damage over time, or DPS.
  • Party play means attracting the boss' aggression once every 4 to 12 attacks, depending on the raid size.
  • Solo play means attracting the boss' aggression 100% of the time.


  • As with any "Tier List," these lists are highly subjective.
  • All characters are viable for end-game content.
  • While tiers do exist, be advised that all but 2-4 characters operate within 10% of each other.
  • Choose a character based on the playstyle you enjoy more over a tier list. Balance changes happen all the time.
  • Damage is massively skill based and will vary greatly depending on the skill of the player.

By Run Type[]

Party Play[]

Tier Character(s)
S Bow Kai
S- Longsword Fiona, Teide Hurk, Battleshade Lynn
A+ Sword Vella, Sylas, Grimden, Cestus Karok, Sword Lann, Staff Evie, Crossgun Kai, Lethor, Kael, Miri, Pillar Karok, Chainblade Vella, Tessa
A Greatsword Hurk, Eira, Hammer Fiona, Glaive Lynn, Spellwhip Arisha, Spellsword Arisha
A- Belle, Spear Lann, Scythe Evie, Delia

Solo Play[]

Tier Character(s)
SSS Longsword Fiona
S Sword Vella, Lethor, Battleshade Lynn
A+ Bow Kai, Teide Hurk, Hammer Fiona
A Sword Lann, Spellsword Arisha, Spellwhip Arisha, Grimden, Tessa, Kael, Cestus Karok
A- Greatsword Hurk, Delia, Glaive Lynn
B Pillar Karok, Staff Evie, Crossgun Kai, Spear Lann
C Miri, Belle, Scythe Evie, Sylas, Eira
D Chainblade Vella