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Cennet (NPC).png
Original Name Shalotte
Alignment Malina
Race Human
Location The Forge, Malina

Daughter of Turhan, the Malina Blacksmith.
She once dreamed of being the ultimate lady pirate, but has since turned her gaze to pirate hunting.

Who're you? Why are you dressed like a crazy person?
~ 'Cennet'

Additional Information[]

Chitchat Quotes[]

  • "What's up, squid-bait?"
  • "You're here to play, right? Okay, I'll be the warrior princess, and you be the squid-faced monster."
  • "Talk to Dad if you want to Enhance your equipment. Or if you need rum. Sometimes he shares."
  • "I'm soooooo bored! I need more friends! Videk's too busy to play, and Milo's a huge jerk."
  • "Enzo plays with me sometimes, but he smells all smoky and sees stuff that isn't there. What a weirdo."
  • "Dad drinks all the time. It makes him smell funny. Not funny ha-ha, either. BAD funny."
  • "Hey, you! Come play with me! If you don't, I'll tell Dad to break all your weapons!"