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Ceara (NPC).png
Original Name Ceara
Alignment Crimson Blade Mercenaries
Race Human
Occupation Crimson Blade Mercenary
Location Mercenary Outpost, Colhen

Ceara is a Crimson Blade Mercenary usually found at the Mercenary Outpost in Colhen. She is in charge of training new recruits and handling general affairs of mercenary members.

She isn’t participating in battles much often due to her dealing with some of her liberal views, but she likes armor and as a fighter, her skills are much to be desired. Since she took over the job of welcoming and training rookies, the amount of people wanting to join the Crimson Blade mercenaries suddenly began to increase, so she decided to play along.

Her sweet and considerate personality is appreciated by new recruits, who often rely on her for help. But on certain occasions, she shows a more rigid side of her, that goes in line with her status as the mercenary. Wise and mature for her age, Ceara is the voice of reason amongst the Mercenaries. She is in charge of assisting new recruits and instructs them on how to use skills.

She appears have feelings for Marrec as she got upset and called him an idiot when he ignorantly hurt her feelings when she tried giving him a gift of red sentinel mane.

I'm in charge of helping newcomers to the Crimson Blades.
~ 'Ceara'


Additional Information[]

Chitchat Quotes[]

  • "There was a time when I wanted to join the Royal Army. Now I feel like I was destined to be a part of the Crimson Blades."
  • "I'm swamped with work. There was that commotion in the Perilous Ruin...and something's happened in Ainle."
  • "(Username)! You were amazing at the bell tower. I was there, manning the ballista. I was so worried that I might hit you if I was commanded to fire..."
  • "Gallagher keeps bothering me. It's strange. Once, he insisted I accept a gift from him. (Ceara plays with a ring on her finger.) It was a ring or necklace or some trifle. I can't remember."
  • "{Ceara smiles shyly.) I'm in charge of helping newcomers to the Crimson Blades."
  • "(Ceara glares at Gallagher.) I wish a certain someone would stop bothering me!"
  • "You can see the walls of Rocheste just a little ways off. Not that it matters. We're not permitted to go there."
  • "When I first joined the Blades, Marrec was amazingly helpful. He's dealing with the gnolls and the Royal Army right now, so I'll watch out for you like he did for me."
  • "Gallagher's started calling me by pet names. Ugh. (Ceara blushes and peeks at Gallagher.)"
  • "I joined the Blades just a short while before you. We should be friends!"
  • "Why the glum face? Stand straight. Lift your chin. Smile for me. Much better."


  • Ceara used to manage the skill books for mercenary recruits. However, after an update eliminated skill books, her shop was similarly removed.