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The Supply Depot is a microtransaction-based store from which you can purchase various consumable items for your Vindictus characters. Items are paid for with NX currency (purchased with real-world money) instead of being purchased with in-game Gold currency.

  • You can access the Supply Depot from an in-game interface or from the Vindictus home/launcher page.
  • You must have some NX currency available for use on your game account.
  • Items that you buy from the Supply Depot appear in the Cash tab of the Bags interface on all of your Vindictus characters. Once a specific character redeems an item, the item disappears from the Cash tab of all other characters.

All items purchasable from the Supply Depot are also found in this category.

Restrictions[ | ]

As of Version 2.95 update on February 14, 2022, there shall be restrictions on the accounts when purchasing cash items.

The below restrictions shall apply to all accounts that have no NX purchase record.

  • All cash items' gift function shall be restricted for 4 days commencing from the initial NX purchase date.
  • The trade restricted items shall not be able to list Market Place and Mail functions for 4 days. (Specific trade restriction list shall be as below)
  • Items that initiate trade restrictions include:
    • All items received from Crystal
    • Below Cash Shop Items
      • Quality Fishing Set
      • Improved Salmon Egg Fishing Pole
      • Ceara's Fatigue Potion
      • Merc Recovery Potion Plus
      • Channel Megaphone
      • Server Megaphone

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