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There are several skills in Vindictus that have a qualitative bonus when they reach rank 9. The following is an incomplete list of such skills and their respective bonuses.

Double Crescent: allows use after Nimble Dash

Eagle Talon: allows creation of Magic Fire Mines.

Fury Infusion: cast is instant and the halting is removed if the user is running (not sprinting) at the time of activation

Guard: allows a perfect guard to count as the first two attacks in a combo

Magic Arrow: adds two smaller side bolts

Smash: Blossom Blow: allows an additional smash attack

Smash: Ivy Sweep: allows an additional smash attack which resembles a roundhouse kick

Fanning Slash: allows an additional shockwave smash attack

Standing Endurance: allows rolling out of a knockdown for a decreasing stamina cost

War Slam: Allows you to slam your pillar multiple times.

Battle Scythe: Demon Splitter: allows for a second smash attack

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