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At the Vindictus are currently 14 Player Characters avaliable in Vindictus official Website.
All of the following 14 characters you can control. Which character do you want to play, you can select at the Main Screen.

You can also change appearance of your character. Visit Avatar Shop for more informations. You can also find at the Wiki your favorite Avatar Set, Inner Armor or Face Tattoo and then buy in the game.

Preview of all playable Characters[edit source]

Lann[edit source]

Lann Character.png

Lann is an agile melee combatant who must stay in clouse range to reach his full potential. To stay alive in melee range, Lann must utilize the subtle but crucial movements in his attacks and well-timed dashes to avoid injuries...
- Weapons

- Lann Story , Lann Outfits , Lann Inner Armors

Evie[edit source]

Evie Character.png

Evie is the most versatile character in the game. Her ability to create Golems, combined with her high DPS makes her an ideal class for soloing missions. Evie is also a great support character, as she can heal her party members...
- Weapons

- Evie Story , Evie Outfits , Evie Inner Armors
Evie ->

Fiona[edit source]

Fiona Character.png

Fiona is best described as a one man (woman) army, possessing great defense with her shield and dealing slow but devastating attacks. She can utilize either a sword or a hammer as her weapon. She can also choose to use either a small shield...
- Weapons

- Fiona Story , Fiona Outfits , Fiona Inner Armors

Karok[edit source]

Karok Character.png

Karok is a giant of a man. In the real world, he would stand approximetely seven feet tall and clock in at about 400 pounds. In-game, his character model towers over the other playeble characters in terms of both height and width...
- Weapons

- Karok Story , Karok Outfits , Karok Inner Armors

Kai[edit source]

Kai Character.png

Kai is a swift and powerful warrior who wields a bow. Kai's bow can be configured for long range and clouse quarters combat, giving him the freedom to change tactics on the fly. Maintaining his distance will keep Kai alive...
- Weapons

- Kai Story , Kai Outfits , Kai Inner Armors

Vella[edit source]

Vella Character.png

Vella is versatile character who mixes equal measures of offense and defense to deal damage and leap across the battlefield, escaping enemy attacks without a scratch...
- Weapons

- Vella Story , Vella Outfits , Vella Inner Armors

Arisha[edit source]

Arisha Character.png

Arisha heavily relies on Intelligence to increase her swordsmanship and magic attacks. Her most defining characteristic is the addition of a blue mana bar beneath her SP bar. Arisha is a heavily skill reliant character, and in the hads of an experience player, has the potential...
- Weapons

- Arisha Story , Arisha Outfits , Arisha Inner Armors

Lynn[edit source]

Lynn Character.png

Despite her very your appearance, Lynn is a forced to be reckoned with. She is extremly agile, versatile and powerful. She has many skills that bolster her evasiveness, all while returning large amounts of damage...
- Weapons

- Lynn Story , Lynn Outfits , Lynn Inner Armors

Hurk[edit source]

Hurk Character.png

Hurk functions as a berserker. He, like Karok, fights on the front lines to deal massive damage and relentless assaults while also receiving damage as well, with his sheer willpower to support both his offensive and defensive prowess...
- Weapons

- Hurk Story , Hurk Outfits , Hurk Inner Armors

Sylas[edit source]

Sylas Character.png

Sylas is a hybrid chracter between Staff and Scythe Evie, having similar yet still different skills. Vision Dashis similar to Blink. His support skill Active: Illusion Shield is similar to Active: Regeneration and...
- Weapon

- Sylas Story , Sylas Outfits , Sylas Inner Armors

Delia[edit source]

Delia Character.png

Delia is a high risk, high reward physical melee chracter. She dances around the battlefield with grace and elegance while delivering slow, but devastating blows to crush all enemies...
- Weapon

- Delia Story , Delia Outfits , Delia Inner Armors

Miri[edit source]

Miri Character.png

Miri use in battles her unique weapon called Dragonspines. Unique to Miri is the ability Ancestral Garb and Call of the Dragon. Using skill Active: Blazing Spine you can attack from long distance into the enemy's.
- Weapon

- Miri Story , Miri Outfits , Miri Inner Armors

Grimden[edit source]

Grimden Character.png

Grimden uses Katamadhar, a special one hand sword. This weapon is light and sharp, so Grimden can cause big damage. These swords allow fighters high mobility. For high mobility the swords are used by assassins like Grimden.
- Weapon

- Grimden Story , Grimden Outfits , Grimden Inner Armors

Eira[edit source]

Eira Character.png

A very lethal gunslinger, Eira uses her two mana revolvers and evasive skills to do rapid, long range, wide AoE attack combos to entire squadrons of enemies at once, or ruinous Active skills against bosses. Her direct damage-absorbing defenses aren't great, but standard enemies die too quickly for that to matter, and mastering her evasive skills will handle nearly anything larger.


- Eira Story, Eira Outfits, Eira Inner Armors

Belle[edit source]

Belle Character.png


- Belle Story, Belle Outfits, Belle Inner Armors

Lethor[edit source]


- Lethor Story, Lethor Outfits, Lethor Inner Armors

Kael[edit source]


- Kael Story, Kael Outfits, Kael Inner Armors

Tessa[edit source]


- Tessa Story, Tessa Outfits, Tessa Inner Armors

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