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Armor is a type of equipment that provides the bulk of both a character's defense and stat bonuses. The main thing that makes armor different from other types of armor is armor sets, which provides a bonus based on the number of armor pieces equipped at the same time. The notable exception is the Friendship Sword Set which includes only a ring, Weapon of Promise and jewelry, neither of which are considered armor. Certain armor equipment can only be used by a specific class, so make sure you check the item beforehand.

Types of Armor[ | ]

There are several types of armor to accommodate the different needs of the different classes.

Cloth Armor[ | ]

Cloth armor is characterized by low defense and high Intelligence, making useful for magic-based classes such as Evie since it boosts damage, magical strength and many other aspects of the class, but useless for characters who are attempting to mitigate damage from physical attacks.

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Light Armor[ | ]

Light Armor has on average a higher defense bonus than cloth armor. Light armor often has a balance of Agility and Strength, thus making it best for people who prefer to have a balance of stamina recovery and attack power. However, it has less defense than heavy or plate armor. Light armor may become more useful to magic users in the future, as projected items may have higher intelligence.

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Heavy Armor[ | ]

Heavy Armor has on average a higher defense bonus than light armor. Heavy armor often provides a good amount of Strength and Willpower with middling amounts of agility. Heavy armor is a fairly good choice for most melee classes unless required to take extreme amounts of damage.

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Plate Armor[ | ]

Plate Armor has the highest defense rating of all armor categories. It is the king of defense. This armor is best used by classes that don't do damage as fast, but need to take a lot more than other classes. Pieces of plate armor often have as a main stat Strength, which boosts physical damage, and as with Heavy Armor, may have Agility and Willpower.

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