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Brynn (NPC).png
Original Name Bryn
Alignment Colhen
Race Human
Occupation Magician
Location Magic Laboratory, Colhen

Brynn is a magician usually found in the Magic Laboratory in Colhen. He rarely steps outside the Magic Laboratory, likely due to the fact that he could very well die if he did. His cold and short manner of speech always makes people wonder if he is being polite or rude.

He spends his time reading and performing magical experiments in his lab. Brynn is highly skilled and possesses great knowledge about anything related to magic, especially summoning.

Brynn may also Enchant your equipment if you bring him the proper materials. For enchanting refer to the Enchant section.

Brynn denies being Reilly's apprentice, though it was not specified why.But we can assume this is because Reilly has a habit of acting childish. And finds it a embarrassment to be taught by him.

"Brynn" is also the unit to measure Magic. His tutor lazily named it after his apprentice.

In one scenario, he tried summoning the Goddess Morrighan in his childhood. He accidentally summoned Glas Ghaibhleann instead, and the creature greatly injured the child. After Reilly sealed off the beast, Brynn confined himself within a magical barrier in the Magic Laboratory, otherwise he would die the moment he steps out.

To average minds, all magic seems the same.
~ 'Brynn'


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Chitchat Quotes[]

  • "To average minds, all magic seems the same. They label any mysterious phenomenon as magic. And there's no use persuading them other wise. They refuse to be educated."
  • "When you look into the town well on a night with a full moon, you'll see the person you'll marry. (Brynn bursts out laughing.) People believe anything these days!"
  • "Yes, magicians can make fabric out of spider silk... but so can a tailor. Ask one of them."
  • "Once upon a time, Erg Crystals were rarer than precious gems. All magicians treated them with utmost delicacy. That was before I was born. These days, Erg Crystals are commonplace."
  • "Erg Crystals are beautiful. The way they glow, so mystical. It's almost enough to make even me believe in legends!"
  • "The man in the gray robe... I have nothing to say about him."
  • "Yes, I know about Morrighan's prophecy. A black-winged goddess will appear after we've eradicated the Fomors to bring us to some paradise called Erinn, right? Do you really believe that? Ah, never mind. Of course you do."
  • "Hmm, I wonder how Tieve is doing? I hope she is well."
  • "It's not easy conducting research in a small town like Colhen, so cut off from equipment and supplies..."
  • "I focus on summoning magic, mostly. There's still much to discover in that field. A magician in the Pointiff's Court also studies summoning magic. I've sent him letters, but have gotten no response. Hmph. I need someone to bounce ideas off of, and I'm not going to find someone like that in Colhen."
  • "Oh, Tieve? Ah, yes. You saw her speaking to that spider, yes? That isn't magic. That's an oracle ability. I believe she can even speak to Fomors. Quite impressive, really."
  • "Why is everyone obsessed with Erinn? A world of nothing but joy and peace, and rainbows and beautiful women, where even swine sleep upon beds of gold, I'm sure! (Brynn laughs and laughs.) Oh, please."
  • "Such meaningless questions people ask! 'What will the weather be like tomorrow?' 'Will this cow spawn male or female offspring?' 'Who will I marry?' Ridiculous! What petty things people worry about..."
  • "(Brynn sighs.) Why must you always show up when I'm at a critical point in an experiment? What pressing matter do you need to ask me about today?"


  • Even though Brynn appears to be a member of the Silent Brotherhood, that is incorrect, Nyle mentions he only assists them since they have common goals.

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