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For a related variant, see Brother Ebeloch (Labyrinth).
Brother Ebeloch
Brother Ebeloch (Enemy).png
Type Kobold
Location Hoarfrost Hollow
(Boss of Another Slingshot and Final Slingshot)
Alignment Aggressive
Season Season 1


Normal / Hard Mode

Level: 18 Exp: 264 HP by Group Size - 1: 7,290 2: 9,7203: 12,636 4: 16,524

Att: 1,853 Def: 953 Crit: 12 Res: 20 CritDmg: 120%

Related Titles[]


Regular Drops[]

Materials Equipment Etc.
All Modes Average Kobold Cloth, Cloth, Kobold Bomb Sack, Kobold Cloth, Kobold Leather Boots, Kobold Leather Glove, Kobold Slingshot Bullet, Leather, Modified Slingshot, Slingshot Enhancement Stone
Normal / Hard Mode Ebeloch Longsword, Ebeloch Twin Sword
Hero Mode Spider Lord Helm, Sweetie Bear Boots Enhancement Elixir, Epic Enhancement Stone, Vigorous Enchant Scroll

Quest-Only Drops[]

Battle Skills & Attacks[]

  • Fires slingshot bullet at player.
  • If a player is close, sneezes on them, causing Stickiness.
  • Dashes a short distance if a player is within melee range, damaging and knocking back the player.

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