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Brakis (NPC).png
Original Name Barax
Alignment Royal Army
Race Human
Occupation Quartermaster
Location Royal Army Base, Rocheste

Brakis is the Royal Army Quartermaster, usually found at the Royal Army Base.

Large sharp chin, developed shoulder muscles, a uniform that can’t cover his muscle lines. Hard to believe that someone so strong-looking is already an old man.

During his early years in the Royal Army, he was a brave soldier, charging into the heat of battle on the frontlines, the medals on his apron being the living proof of his deeds. During his last battle he lost the right arm and was forced to completely retire from the battlefield. At present, thanks to the kind word from archbishop, Brakis was allowed to work as the Royal Army Quartermaster.

He was originally left-handed and thus always maintained a cheerful and optimistic attitude towards life. But his only drawback seems to be crippling at him more than he could tell.

Brakis is the tough, boisterous yet also fatherly figure who's not big on making waves. He treats everyone with respect. However, he'll easily break orders he disagrees with. He would often tell extremely long stories that tend to bore everyone who listens to them, ultimately leading them to attempt to escape.

Brakis had a daughter named Elaine, that grew fond of Krunk who in turn grew fond of her, but she died in Fobellow Prairie during a certain incident.

He had taught the Platesmithing skill before it was removed from the game and merged into Armorsmithing.

Many people ask about my missing arm. I don't mind.
I'm a soldier. This is my mark of honor.
~ 'Brakis'

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Chitchat Quotes[]

  • Many people ask about my missing arm. I don't mind. I'm a soldier. This is my mark of honor.
  • The mark of a true gentleman is his mustache. Here, I take the utmost care in grooming mine. With my dashing mustache and well-toned physique, I represent the pinnacle of manhood! Come now, don't look at me so. There is at least a hint of truth to it.
  • I was more upset to lose my ring than to lose my arm. Some things are just... more important.
  • It's not so bad having only one arm. You don't really need both arms for most things. And besides, I'm-left handed, so I manage just fine. If you think about that, I'm really quite lucky! Hahaha!
  • If you ever find yourself in need of help, don't be shy about asking others. It's not something to be ashamed of. Of course, remember that when others ask you. Learning how to accept help with gratitude is another way to improve yourself.
  • Do you see this medal I have? This is proof of my dedication to this land... For our people and the promise of Erinn, I am always ready to fight. I would do it all again, lost arm and all. No regrets, my friend. Never.
  • Here, look at this place. Not even soldiers should have to tolerate such filth. I say, what do you suppose they would do without me taking care of things?