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Bracelets fill two additional slots in a character's equipment. Once you acquire a bracelet Aislinn can add one or more gems to it based on type of bracelet and what gems it can accept. Once gems are added, the bracelet becomes bound to the character. The effect of the bracelet is determined by gem(s) added. Each gem type boosts one stat a lot and others at random.

  • Diamond: ATK
  • Sapphire: M.ATK
  • Emerald: DEF
  • Ruby: HP

Gems also can be replaced by gems of the same color. If the original gem is undesired, the player can use another gem to replace it. The game will let the player know the changes to every stat that will take place, and the player will have the choice to confirm or refuse the replacement gem.

Gems can be obtained by completing the Succubus Queen or Revived Blood Lord raid(and any other Niflheim raids?). Bosses will drop key fragments which can be then brought to the General Store to be traded for a gem box. Bracelets can be obtained through a Masterpiece Bracelet Box, which is dropped in Hard and Hero daily raids for Season 1 and 70-80 raids and missions for Season 2.

List of Bracelets[]

Old Leather Bracelet.png Old Leather Bracelet 70 0 1
Leather Bracelet.png Leather Bracelet 80 3000 1
Copper Bracelet.png Copper Bracelet 83 3500 2
Silver Bracelet.png Silver Bracelet 85 5000 3
Gold Bracelet.png Gold Bracelet 90 10000 4
Icon Name Level Sell Slots

List of Bracelet Gems[]

Exquisite Bracelet Ruby.png Exquisite Bracelet Ruby Ruby ? ? ? ? ?
Superior Bracelet Ruby.png Superior Bracelet Ruby Ruby 115 115 115 300-650 10000
Fine Bracelet Ruby.png Fine Bracelet Ruby Ruby 70 70 70 175-450 5000
Bracelet Ruby.png Bracelet Ruby Ruby 25 25 25 75-250 1000
Flawed Bracelet Ruby.png Flawed Bracelet Ruby Ruby 0
Exquisite Bracelet Emerald.png Exquisite Bracelet Emerald Emerald ? ? ? ? ?
Superior Bracelet Emerald.png Superior Bracelet Emerald Emerald 275-583
Fine Bracelet Emerald.png Fine Bracelet Emerald Emerald 150-450
Bracelet Emerald.png Bracelet Emerald Emerald 50-225
Flawed Bracelet Emerald.png Flawed Bracelet Emerald Emerald 0
Exquisite Bracelet Sapphire.png Exquisite Bracelet Sapphire Sapphire ? ? ? ? ?
Superior Bracelet Sapphire.png Superior Bracelet Sapphire Sapphire 250-505
Fine Bracelet Sapphire.png Fine Bracelet Sapphire Sapphire 125-350
Bracelet Sapphire.png Bracelet Sapphire Sapphire 15 50-175 19?-25? 23?-26?
Flawed Bracelet Sapphire.png Flawed Bracelet Sapphire Sapphire 0
Exquisite Bracelet Diamond.png Exquisite Bracelet Diamond Diamond ? ? ? ? ?
Superior Bracelet Diamond.png Superior Bracelet Diamond Diamond 250-503
Fine Bracelet Diamond.png Fine Bracelet Diamond Diamond 125-350
Bracelet Diamond.png Bracelet Diamond Diamond 50-175
Flawed Bracelet Diamond.png Flawed Bracelet Diamond Diamond 0
Icon Name Color ATT M.ATT DEF HP Sell