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Knowing how you work can be important, but that is only half of the fight in Vindictus. Not only do you need to understand yourself, but you need to understand your enemy as well. A bestiary was a tool used by heroes to hunt against fierce monsters and beast. Using knowledge from past legends they were able to conquer the beasts themselves. On your perilous journey if you should encounter these monsters here's what you need to do. Fighting boss monsters with parties is an essential part of Vindictus. It is extremely helpful to bring party members against bosses impossible to solo. Bosses will also injure surrounding monsters in your vicinity. Take that advantage and lead in the small fry for the bosses to finish off.

Wood Man Guard[]

The Wood Man Guard.

The Wood Man Guard resembles a large wooden figure wielding a large mace. It appears with a group of normal Wood Guards. Essentially, since this is a tutorial dungeon, it will not be fairly hard. Its movements are easily predictable after a few good swings. When it is about to attack, it will crouch down and remain still for a few seconds. Take that opportunity to either land in some hits or ready your shield/scoot back. When it is staggered, it will fall to one knee. Another chance to smack it around. This is an easy solo boss. You will meet this boss in "Mercenary Training Site" for Level 1+. This is a solo dungeon ONLY. The Wood Man Guard has 1 health bar.

A much stronger version of Wood Man with increased attack power and health. Drops Spears, Wood Planks, and Empty Bottles. Seen in Mercenary Training Site.

Video Link {Sample Boss Fight}: The Beginner's Mission: The Wood Man Guard (Vindictus) by Isaiahdajerk [1]

Shadow Fang[]

Shadow Fang.

Shadow Fang resembles a dark-furred Gnoll wielding a spiked wooden mace. Similar to the Wood Man Guard, this boss will crouch down before attacking. Take that as an opportunity to step back/shield or strike. It is a one-trick pony and has no other attack. Shadow Fang is fairly easy and can be soloed. You will meet this boss in "Fomorian Emblem" for Level 2+. Shadow Fang has 1 health bar [solo].

An enlarged black gnoll with a metal helmet and boss of Fomorian Emblem. Easy encounter where boss only hits forward with no different strategy. Drops Black Gnoll Leather, Shadow Fang Helm, and Spiked Gnoll Club. Appears in Fomorian Emblem and Revenge.

Video Link {Sample Boss Fight}: Vindictus Open Beta Boss Fight (Shadow Fang) by shovelface88 [2]



Embermain is a fiery red Gnoll wielding a spiked wooden mace. Like Shadow Fang, the smashes from his mace can blow an unguarded player back. A unique feature to this boss is it will swing wildly in a full circle after smashing his mace. Make sure to back away appropriately to avoid being caught by his rampage. Make use of your surrounding and objects. A good way to stagger him is to lead him near a pillar and let him smash it. The falling rocks will deal some damage. The fallen rocks can also be carried and thrown at him to deal a significant amount of damage. This is a good alternative if you are lacking a secondary weapon (i.e. spears or chain hooks). He is an easy boss and can be soloed. You will meet this boss in "Gold Leather" for Level 2+. Embermain has 2x health bars [solo].

Embermain is a golden gnoll captain and boss of Gold Leather. Wields a giant club and has 2 types of attack. His first attack is a forward swing. The next one involves him crouching, forward swing and a whirlwind. After the whirlwind It howls which gives players a perfect chance to counterattack. Drops Gold Gnoll Leather, and Spiked Gnoll Club. Appears in Gold Leather and Revenge.

Video Link {Sample Boss Fight}: Vindictus - Defeat Embermain Quest - TGN by tgnGames [3]

Foul Snowpaw[]

Foul Snowpaw.

Foul Snowpaw is, true to his name, a snowy white Gnoll. Unlike previous bosses, this gnoll wields a bow and can nail players from far away. If you get right in his face and attack, he will do either of two things. One, he will back away quickly and begin shooting arrows or two, he will suddenly rear his head back and head-butt you. He can also jump and shoot double arrows so keep your feet/shields handy! Again, use the terrain to your advantage. Chain hooks are not recommended if you are going solo. After you restrain him, who'll attack? If you have a good aim and a steady hand and prefer long-range attacks, stash up on spears but remember, you are limited to 16 per dungeon! You will meet this boss in "Gwynn's Request" for Level 5+. Foul Snowpaw has 2x health bars [solo].

It's first one is a normal shot where it just looks like he's shooting. The second one he crouches and shots 3 arrows forward. Last attack is a headbutt and is activated when you are in melee range. Looks like he's roaring when he's about to use it. Drops Bull Eye's Earring, White Gnoll Heart, Broken Arrow, and White Gnoll Leather.

Video Link {Sample Boss Fight}: Vindictus Gameplay Footage - Foul Snowpaw Boss Fight {Beta} by donduckium [4]

Mad Grizzlepaw[]

Mad Grizzlepaw.

Mad Grizzlepaw is a speckled white Gnoll wielding a spiked wooden mace. He, like the others, can crouch down before attacking. He also has a quick attack in which he will throw back his weapon without warning and smash it down. It is powerful enough to blow players back. Luckily, this attack's range is very limited so it can be avoided. Like Embermain, he will spin around in circles after attacking. Make sure to avoid being caught in the swing. His attack pattern is much more aggressive than the previous mace-wielding friends. Long range attacks are recommended. Close combat is possible but keep on your toes! You will meet this boss in "Wind Through the Ruins" for Level 6+. Mad Grizzlepaw has 2x health bars [solo].

A upgraded version of Embermain in the mission Wind through the ruins. Mad Grizzlepaw has 3 attacks including a heavy forward attack and a whirlwind attack. If you have enough distance between Mad Grizzlepaw it might do a far leap so be careful. Drops White Gnoll Leather, Mad Grizzlepaw Earrings. Appears in Wind Through the Ruins and Decisive Battle.

Video Link {Sample Boss Fight}: Vindictus Online Wind Through the Ruins Mission by tayuyapippicapt [5]

Gnoll Chieftain[]

Gnoll Chieftain.

The Gnoll Chieftain is probably the most dreaded boss in Chapter 1 (Hint: Probably). Wielding an enormous steel hammer, his attack range is very wide. This fight will probably utilize secondary weapons the most by far. Chain hooks are extremely useful and effective in immmobilizing him during a party battle quest. When going solo, it is recommended that you bring a sufficient amount of spears. Use the terrain. Since his attacks are very wide, chances are, if you stand close to cracking pillars, they will crumble under the swing and chip off bits of his health. However, this can backfire as well. Stay clear of falling pillars so that the Chieftain will bear the full brunt of it. If you attack him head on, he can unexpectedly kick out his foot. This attack is able to be avoided whether by retreating or shield protection. His hammer swing, however, is not. Give him a wide berth when he performs this attack. The hammer catches both players behind him and in front of him. If you cannot retreat in time, duck and roll sideways or away from him. He can also swing his hammer in a circle, leaning to draw his hammer to the side before that. Take the time to watch his movements; they usually give away his next attack. You will meet him in "Decisive Battle" for Level 8+. The Gnoll Chieftain has 3x health bars [solo] and 5x health bars [party].

The first "real" boss in Nexon's free-to-play action MMORPG Vindictus is the Gnoll Chieftain, that you'll face in the map Decisive Battle. There's a few tips and tricks for taking on the Gnoll Chieftain, including one of Vindictus's signature boss features - weak armor areas that are able to be exploited, broken off and looted by players.

The first thing you should do on a trip to Decisive Battle Gnoll Chieftain is to stock up on essential boss killing supplies that you might not be familiar with this early in the game. If you're flying solo (which we definitely would not advise on your first attempt at the Gnoll Chieftain), spears are the professional choice for your secondary weapon.

You can throw the spears for a knockdown (Time that the boss will spend grounded, you may get your hits in without retaliation) and also to knock off the Gnoll Chieftain's helmet (with a little careful aim), which can be looted after the battle for a free Helm of Crimson Rage.

If you're going to be taking on the Gnoll Chieftain with a group, you may want to consider bringing grappling hooks - Time your grappling hook immediately after the Gnoll Chieftain finishes a windmill swing and you'll be able to knock down and drag him around while your friends have free reign on the big red furball. While using this method knocking off the Gnoll Chief's helmet is easier than ever, inform your friends to have some rocks and other debris ready and smash the Gnoll Chieftain in the head.

The Gnoll Chieftain himself is a big jump up in difficulty from any boss you'll have faced previously in Vindictus, and if you're attempting Decisive Battle on Hard Mode/Season of Macha, this red rampaging Gnoll can quite literally one shot you and your teammates with his windmill slam, which has a large radius and does a full 360 degree swing - Stay very, very far away when this move is being telegraphed and only go in to damage the boss after he's been stunned via rock, tree, spear, hook, or other means.

Like many other bosses, once you've sufficiently damaged the Gnoll Chieftain, he will periodically become tired and open himself up to attacks - you and your friends should get in quickly and deliver a quick smash combo off in the attempt to achieve a knockdown for a further window of damage.

The Gnoll Chieftain may seem daunting at first, but once you realize his attacks are incredibly unforgiving you'll learn to give this first boss in Vindictus a wide berth, and will be farming his excellent drop table in no time.

First off the battle will start with him being surrounded by minions. These minions can be killed by the Chieftain's attacks, so it's best to try and lure them in. The Gnoll Chieftain has 3 devastating moves: [*]A forward smash that gives a STR debuff; [*]A whirlwind attack that normally chips off armor easily; [*]A close ranged kick. Using spears to knock off his helmet will ensure a 100% Crimson Rage Helm drop. Other possible drops include Crimson Rage Gloves, Crimson Rage Helm, Chieftain Leg Armor, Chieftain Shoulder Armor, Gnoll Chieftain Hammer.

Before engaging the Chieftain, it is strongly recommended to let him kill his underlings; simply lure the Chief to the other Gnolls and as he attacks, they will get hit and most likely die. Don't forget to dodge the attack! NEVER combo attack him unless you get a very good opening. The Chieftain can hit from 1/3 to 2/3 of your maximum health at low levels, which is a very serious threat. The safest way to deal with him is to use a "Hit and Run" tactic; hit him a few times and then dodge and run away, then repeat. A very good method to defeat him is to have one party member continually pull him to the ground with a Chain Hook secondary weapon, which makes him helpless and stops his attacks while the other party members unload their highest DPS combos on him. Fionas who have not yet trained Heavy Stander should always equip Chain Hooks for this battle because they cannot dodge fast enough to contribute much direct damage unless he is grappled and helpless on the ground. Throwing a spear a few times at his helmet will cause it to break off, allowing you to obtain a Crimson Rage Helm after the battle. Throwing large rocks at his head works as well and does even more damage than spears. His kicks are normal attacks but any hammer attack is a smash attack. Therefore, Fionas cannot Guard his hammer moves unless they use Heavy Stander to do so. Finishing him with an object will fulfill a requirement for a title. Knocking off his helmet enough will fulfill a requirement for a title. With either Character when going 1v1, the best option to stun him are by using spears [unreliable as can take 2-3 spears to stun] and by throwing solid rocks.


Gnoll chieftain has 3 attacks:

Whirlwind: His most destructive attack, and with huge range. It's a smash attack so it cannot be blocked with Guard. As soon as you see he'll be doing whirlwind do one of these things:

If the gnoll is going to whirlwind towards you, move backwards a bit and start comboing while moving this direction, with a bit of practice you can dodge the attack close enough so after doing 4 normal combos the amaranth kick will hit him.

If the direction of whirlwind is other way, then just do a sprint smash.

NOTE: A crouch, or anything like that, will lower you bellow his hammer. Unsure if this still works, as updates may have fixed this

Hammer swing: This attack can be dodged while comboing, allowing you to do Sword #2 with ease, and even sword #3 (Evy Sweep) if done properly. Cannot be blocked with Guard.

Kick: He tends to kick when you are really close, just do a perfect guard against this, and follow with Sword #1.

Video Link {Sample Boss Fight}: Vindictus - Mabinogi Heroes - Gnoll Chieftain - Solo by Twilly159 [6]

Wolf Tail[]

Vicious boss of Revenge and the melee gnoll of the twins. Wolf tail has 2 attacks which consists of a heavy melee swing and a charge. The most dangerous part is the charge as it can easily knock you down for another charge or other attacks. Wolf Tail should be the first one of the twins to kill as he charges very frequently and tries to close in. Drops Gnoll Mace, Gnoll Buckler, and Gnoll Leather Tunic. Wolf Tail has 2x health bars [solo].

Video Link {Sample Boss Fight}: Vindictus Gameplay Boss Fight - HD by DinhLilium [7]

Jagged Tooth[]

Jagged Tooth.

Teamed up with the Vicious Wolf Tail on "Revenge", Jagged Tooth is no easy prey. Jagged Tooth should be the one you go after last. It shoots arrows like Foul Snowpaw and can do a spreadshot. The spreadshot can be dodged by using rolls and dashes near the release of arrows. Jagged Tooth's arrows can be fired at Wolf Tail, so keep that in mind. Jagged Tooth can charge like Wolf Tail, but not as frequently. Jagged Tooth does a stomp when he's about to do the spreadshot and makes a yellow sphere on his bow. Drops Broken Arrow, and Gnoll Leather Tunic. Jagged Tooth has 2x health bars [solo].


Enemy specific tip - Jagged Tooth: If you do heavy stander close to Jagged Tooth, you will have a good chance of dodging his arrows.



Bryialne appears in Decisive Battle and is an oversized, red wisp. It bounces up when it's about to attack you. It also waves around when it's using defensive maneuvers. Drops Bryialne Heart, Blessed Magic Powder, Mana Dust, and Ruins Erg Crystal. Bryialne has one health bar [solo].

Video Link {Sample Boss Fight}: Vindictus - Decisive Battle - Bryialne by Thsotus [8]

Veteran Centurial Captain[]

Veteran Centurial Captain is where Vindictus starts to get challenging. Newbie players might want to get a party since the amount of Veteran Gnolls is overwhelming. First off you start in a room where 90 Veteran Gnolls will spawn(Not at the same time). When you've killed 90 the Veteran Centurial Captain will appear. There will be 10 more Veteran Gnolls still spawning after you've kill those there won't be anymore spawns. It has 2 atatcks which are a headbutt and a forward smash. Drops Leather and Spiked Gnoll Club. The Veteran Centurial Captain can be found in "Friends" for Level 8+. The Veteran Centurial Captain has 2x health bars [solo].

Video Link {Sample Boss Fight}: Vindictus "Veteran Centurial Captain" Boss Battle by VindictusUP [9]

Cunning Etunoch[]

Cunning Etunoch.

Deceptive, sly, wily... all these can perfectly describe this elusive creature. It dwells deep in the freezing depths of Hoarfrost Hollow, awaiting a foolhardy mercenary's challenge. It wields a battle-axe. Ever giggling, the Cunning Etunoch catches players off guard with a wild 360 degrees swing and then abruptly dips back. Its axe will be aimed for mercenaries attempting to get behind it. Beware. It also has a swift downwards chop aimed for players that favor close combat. It is helpful to bring chain hooks or spears to stagger the creature. Another alternative can be to purchase bombs to use. After a good hammering, this creature will yield quickly. It can be found in "Hoarfrost Hollow" for Level 10+. The Cunning Etunoch has 2x health bars [solo] and 3x health bars [party].

Video Link {Sample Boss Fight}: Vindictus "Cunning Etunoch" Boss Battle by VindictusUP [10]

Jolly Ebeloch[]

Jolly Ebeloch

Its hideous yellow hood will alert mercenaries far and near of its arrival. The Jolly Ebeloch is one of the few long-range bosses. Unlike Gnolls, this creature wields a slingshot and fires off bombs (Yikes!). Prepare to duck for cover if one ventures too close; it will blast snot straight at its enemy which will not only knock one backwards but propel himself forward. Beware that this snot can impede the sprinting movement for a limited short time. Secondary weapons may not be as effective due to its own long range attacks. Close in with a few good whacks and well-aimed bombs will put this guy in his place.

In a party: When the boss is aiming for another party member, go in and attack. Be careful after he shoots because if you are too close he'll sneeze on you causing stickiness which will prevent you from sprinting.

Alone: When he is shooting make sure to sprint or dash as he generally can't predict where you'll be if you are moving fast. When you are very close however, dashing is the better option. Also, right after he has shot *make sure you are not too far* go in and make a quick smash hit and dash away quickly. Spears, bombs, and Chains work on this guy. Aim chains for the legs. The Jolly Ebeloch can be found in "Western Ice Passage" for Level 11+. The Jolly Ebeloch has 2x health bars [solo] and 3x health bars [party].

Video Link {Sample Boss Fight}: Jolly Ebeloch - Vindictus by riotctrl [11]

Brother Ebeloch[]

Brother Ebeloch.

The inferred sibling of the Jolly Ebeloch, it wields a slingshot similar to that of its kin. Once damaged heavily, it will keel a high-pitched whining noise and scramble away in the opposite direction. This is similar to Wolf Tail and Jagged Tooth's charge... only backwards. However, it is possible to get hit both ways. One, when he turns, his flailing foot may knock into you as he runs away. Two, you may be unfortunate enough to be in the path of his great escape. Give him a wide berth when he flees. Brother Ebeloch can not sneeze great mucous globs of snot(Thank goodness!). Thus, do not be afraid to attack him head on. His only other attack is the customary slingshot bomb, one at a time. Although his aim is slightly more accurate than his brother, it is easy enough to dodge. Brother Ebeloch can be found in "Another Slingshot" together with the Jolly Ebeloch for Level 13+. Brother Ebeloch has 2x health bars [solo].

Video Link {Sample Boss Fight}: Vindictus - Double Kill - Another Slingshot by HeavyGhost [12]

Big Brother Ebeloch[]

Big Brother Ebeloch.

Big Brother Ebeloch is just as disturbing and menacing as his two younger brothers. Obviously, he is the strongest of the three. He has Brother Ebeloch's whining backwards charge as well as Jolly Ebeloch's snot attack. Be extra careful around him. At close range, he will, like the Jolly Ebeloch, sneeze. Again, use the terrain and secondary weapons. It is recommended to go with a party as all three brothers will appear in the final room. He has a rotating swing followed quickly by a backwards swipe. Dodge around to avoid his attacks and throw any large objects to stun him. Pay attention to his movements to discern his next move. It is possible for the brothers to accidentally hit each other so take that advantage. Big Brother Ebeloch can be found in "Final Slingshot" for Level 15+. Party recommended. Big Brother Ebeloch has 2x health bars [solo] and 3x health bars [party].

Video Link {Sample Boss Fight}: Vindictus Open Beta Gameplay - Ebeloch Brothers Boss Fight by xTheDMan1996x [13]


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