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For the boss of Rescue, see Warlord Black Hammer.
For the boss of Betrayal, see Controlled Black Hammer.



Black Hammer is an ogre and Shakarr's right-hand man. He appears for the first time in episode 6.

Spoiler: (Episode 6) Warlord Black Hammer was hired by Shakarr to kidnap Tieve during Colhen in Flames, but accidentally takes Clodagh instead. This angers Shakarr, but nonetheless will attempt to deal with the issue personally. In Rescue, Shakarr and Black Hammer ambush the Royal Cadets, only to be defeated and with Black Hammer terribly injured. In the aftermath, Shakarr mutters how they were unable to take the oracle, but Black Hammer questions why they couldn't just kill them to make it easier. Shakarr advises that while "blood is blood", their time has not come, and leaves Black Hammer to recover. The Warchief then states that Shakarr is becoming weak for he speaks like a weakling. A minion asks to make a move, but nonetheless Black Hammer takes Shakarr's advise and waits for the "perfect moment". At the moment, everything will turn out very differently, and Black Hammer will make his move.
Spoiler: (Extra Episode: Titan) There was something about a "mirror" that forged some sort of contract between the Ogres and the Goblins. As the Humans restore the Mirror, Black Hammer demands to release Titan to hide Raiding Party Captain Larken, the Goblin bound by the contract. After Titan is defeated, Shakarr questions Black Hammer how Titan got free. Black Hammer assures him that the incident is minor. At some point, the plotline behind the contract is dropped.
Spoiler: (Episode 9) Warlord Black Hammer continued to doubt Shakarr's beliefs in fate. He then executes his leader who is prepared to face betrayal by his minion.
Before Betrayal, he urged Verafim to summon Lionotus for unknown reasons, however the Lizardman betrays Black Hammer by controlling him via Fomor Domination Spell, as "test subject".

Black Hammer (NPC).png
Black Hammer
Occupation Shakarr's Right-hand Man
Location ?