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For the 16 player RAR version, see Ancient Beokros

Beokros (Enemy).png
Type Dragon
Location Heide (Boss of Frostborn Seal)
Alignment Aggressive
Season Season 1


Normal / Hard Mode

Level: 66 Exp: 2,418 HP by Group Size - 1: 1,500,000 2: 1,500,0003: 1,500,000 4: 1,500,000

Att: 9,218 Def: 9,606 Crit: 64 Res: 54 CritDmg: 150%

Related Titles[]


Regular Drops[]

Materials Equipment Etc.
Hard Mode Beokros Crystal Ice, Blue Guardian Hide, Frostbitten Guardian Claw, Icy Guardian Scales Berserker Enchant Scroll, Diamond Enchant Scroll, Twinkling Enchant Scroll

Quest-Only Drops[]

Break Off Tips[]

Battle Skills & Attacks[]

  • Roars while whipping his tail violently (can deal damage). A large ice wall will emerge from the ground around Beokros and will explode after a few seconds. This deals damage to players beside the ice and under Beokros.
  • Shoots ice projectiles at players.
  • Turns his front paw into a sharp ice claw and slams into a player. This attack can break frozen players out of the ice and damage them. The ice claw is unblockable. Karok can clash this attack.
  • Takes flight and divides the map in half with an ice wall. Beokros then flies towards the side of the map with the most players an unleashes an area of effect on that side of the map.
  • Rears up and breathes a stream ice that slowly makes its way forward, freezing anyone that it hits. Can be blocked.
  • Slams down with his front legs while shooting a ball of ice from his mouth. The ice ball cannot be blocked, but his body slamming down can be.
  • Slams his tail, then swings it side to side. Tail's hitbox extends to his back legs. Almost always does this attack after dividing the map with ice.
  • Breathes ice toward either of his sides.
  • Rears back and charges forward.
  • Flies up and targets a player, as shown by a mist that is around where they last were. Shoots ice around the player to create an ice prison. Breaking this ice leaves ice shards on the ground.
    • Beokros will then land and destroy the ice prison, dealing damage to anyone nearby.

Tips & Advice[]

  • The ice projectiles each come out at a random speed, so players should notice this to time their dodge.
  • If a player gets targeted by the ice prison, the player must attack the ice to escape before the ice explodes and inflicts unblockable damage. Other players must either be with the targeted player to be safely enclosed with them or run away to avoid getting hit.
  • For his Ice Roar, the initial creation of the wall is unblock-able, but the the explosion can be blocked.
    • When the ice around Beokros breaks, it deals damage to anyone under him as well.
  • During his ice claw slam, there is a large, safe gap underneath his right front leg (your left if you are facing the front of Beokros) where one can be at without being damaged. The ice claw is unblock-able, but his body is not.
  • The slow breath of ice has a ridiculously long range.
  • If anyone is frozen, break the ice surrounding them as quickly as possible. In this battle the frozen debuff lasts for 10 seconds.
  • If he makes a map-wide ice wall, target and break it as quickly as possible and get to the safe side.
    • The 1/2 map AoE can be dodged if you have a move that has invulnerability frames. You can notice the moment he strikes by counting his wing flaps. He will strike at the 3rd wing flap.
  • After destroying ice from the map-wide ice wall or the player-surrounding ice blocks, small ice shards may appear. These can be thrown at Beokros's head to temporarily disable all of his ice attacks. If enough damage is dealt during this time, he will fall to the floor for a while. If not, he will simply do a brief tired animation.
  • Breaking off a part will cause him to flinch then immediately enter the tired animation. In addition, icicles that can be thrown will drop.
  • Like Elchulus and Siglint, while he's using any move that involving him breathing ice, if he gets flinched by attacks, by Kai's Hunter's Eye, or lifted by Evie's RG, his breath will follow his flinched head, potentially hitting and frozen any players that stay near his front legs.

Additional Notes[]

  • While frozen you are unharmed from most of Beokros's attacks, except for the ice claw.
  • A good rule of thumb is to remember that his body attacks can be blocked while most ice attacks cannot be. Only continuous breath attacks can be blocked.
  • Vella cannot backlash the projectiles.
  • Ice projectiles cause Drake Frost. This debuff lasts for 10 seconds but can be removed by having someone attack the ice to break it. Frozen players cannot do anything.
  • If he uses his ice claw attack, he can be clashed and Karok will stab Beokros' eye with an ice shard.
  • Evie cannot throw the ice shard to damage Beokros because of her special throw.

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