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Battle Quests[ | ]

Also known as Battles or Dungeons, Battle Quests are missions a player undertakes upon departing on a Boat found at the Docks. A Battle Quest has various enemies, sub bosses, and bosses and rewards different amounts of experience, gold, and AP.

Battles Quests are the primary source in which a player gains experience. Inside each dungeon, a character is given a time limit to complete and if certain criteria are met, may earn additional Battle Points and money.

The list of available Battle Quests ingame can be found here: Category:Battle Quests

Raid Battles[ | ]

Raid Battles are special battles that are harder than normal, but allow larger party sizes. Each features boss battles that are much more difficult than other boss battles available at the same level.

Battles that are classified as raids are easy to identify: on the Battles page, the word "raid" will appear next to the battle's name in a red box.

How Raids are Different[ | ]

  • Raids allow more than four players. Exact number of players varies by battle.
  • Bosses are, in general, tougher, stronger, harder to stun, and harder to block.
  • Dungeons leading up to the boss battle are much shorter.
  • AP rewards are higher, and the minimum AP one can earn from a raid is higher than that of a normal battle.

The list of available Raid Battles ingame can be found here: Category:Raid Battle